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Snowden was a CIA spook, who ratted out the NSA so the NSA wouldn't be able to spy on them.

He didn't release much that was completely new, other than the fact that even the president is being spied on, which confirms that Bush/Obama are figure heads/puppets. Presidents, are not a real source of US power.

He basically went public with the facts that many "conspiracy theorist" have been stating for decades.

He also allowed the media to normalize domestic spying.

If he wanted to prove his intentions then he should have revealed something new about 9/11, etc. He didn't.

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I agree. He was a limited hangout, like Assange. Where is he really? And he supports the offical 9/11 lie, that any critical thinking person can see through.

Revelation of method and a deliberate desensitization campaign.

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The revelations about metadata collection, PRISM, backdoors in major tech companies, and hacking and spying on our allies were hardly miniscule. Even if many of those things were suspected, it gave the American people and legislators hard proof to confront the NSA and hold them accountable for violating the constitution.

Except we didn't, James Clapper went in front of congress and lied his ass off under oath, and suffered no consequences whatsoever. You can blame the people's apathy, lawmaker's weak spines, dishonest media, whatever but to blame Snowden for not releasing the information you would have preferred seems frivolous.

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Yeah well, your assessment is essentially the official MSM talking points on this topic.

If they could suppress the facts of 9/11; where witnesses heard and recorded building explosions, and the building 7 collapse, then why couldn't they suppress this story from two journalists?

Typically, whistle blowers are made into pariahs, who get knocked off, or end up with ruined lives.

Yet they inexplicably made Snowden into a hero.

So, I have serious doubts about what they're claiming. You probably should too.

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The revelations about metadata collection, PRISM, backdoors in major tech companies, and hacking and spying on our allies were hardly minuscule.

American people and legislators hard proof to confront the NSA and hold them accountable for violating the constitution.

The highly controlled judicial and legislative branch did absolutely nothing because they are the ones who signed into law the Smith-mundt Modernization Act of 2012, the NDAA, the Patriot Act and dozens of other unconstitutional, undemocratic bills. Like George Bush stated:

The constitution is just a piece of paper.

They don't care about it. That's why they incorporated the United States. Common law might be upheld somewhere, but certainly not in the lower jurisdiction courts.

The spectacle of congress is simply theatrics for the masses. They lie there asses off, all the time, the entire damn state does. Why do you think nearly all of them, including the faux alternative media pundits covered-up, 9/11 and continue to whitewash and infiltrate any group trying to figure out the truth? It's clear that Trump's friends were directly responsible for 9/11, i.e., Lowly, Silverstein, Netanyahu, Giuliani, Attia, Kalikow, Lowy, Eisenberg, the Neocons, etc. The past administration, Obama, helped to cover up the crime with Sunstein's Cognitive infiltration. Basically, they would infiltrate truth groups for either surveillance purposes or to deliberately spread disinformation. That's what people like Adam Green and other losers on YouTube are doing. Yeah, they might be saying 90% truth, you might even learn a lot, but their ultimate goal is to infiltrate control, surveil, and deceive w/ subtle disinformation. Anyone still on YouTube speaking about Zionism and Jews in a bad light is controlled. I can't even put up a video about 9/11 without it being demoted, and banned in the first hour. If I were to post something about the Jews involved in 9/11 the video would be banned during the upload process.

Nothing in the truth movement is sacred for them. It has been completely infiltrated and controlled. Ultimately, they give you your hero's.

So, with that in mind, could Snowden just be an actor ; could he be working for Israeli's interests, or is he still covertly working for the CIA ; why are all his friends pushing multilateralism?

I do know we are going through a period called "externalization of hierarchy", which in essence means the true structure of the world is being revealed so we may reject it in favor of a world government. They are overtly showing the public what they are doing and will do through a process called the Revelation of Method.

So, when James Clapper goes in front of congress to lie his ass off under oath, you can bet it is theatrics. Why is Rumsfeld, a known 9/11 perpetrator paraded around on so-called Left leaning talk shows such as Stephen Colbert? Clearly there is no justice and they are more than welcome in letting you know that.

I will not blame the people's apathy, but I will blame the highly controlled lawmaker's, the completely controlled media that conducts psychological operations on a daily basis, and Snowden for being the limited hangout that he is.

Snowden is a plant in order to spur a limited hangout campaign designed to get more money to bolster security against future 'snowdens' and enact a tighter security protocol internally and with contracting companies.

The leaks were also a kind of revelation of method and used as a deliberate public desensitization campaign. This comes just before the 5G grid that tech companies and telecommunication companies are promoting and which most of the infrastructure has already been built. That grid will introduce a multi-billion dollar security niche market that private security contractors, intelligence agencies and the NSA will love. The more data they can collect through surveillance, the more control they will have over the population.

The fictional film biography of Snowden, not only was atrocious but a lie. We are supposed to believe what unnamed sources and the media tells us is true. Why should we believe it?

Snowden was paraded on the corporate news, albeit in a undisclosed location. Like, Assange, Greenwald, Oliver Stone, among others, they will only entertain the possibility that "they" (U.S. government only) let 9/11 happen. That is how far they will ever go, and if you bring in the Zionist or Israeli Likudnik question they will say it is nonsense or a nonissue.

Oliver Stone, an Ashkenazi Jew, and a pusher of multilateralism, wrote and directed the Snowden film. He also wrote with help from Arnon Milchan -- a 9/11 perpetrator -- JFK. A film deliberately obfuscating and lying about the true persons involved in JFK's assassination. Israeli intelligence and Mossad were directly involved in JFK's assassination. Michael Collin Piper's book, "Final Judgement" in two parts, is a must read. Piper died shortly after his writing workshop caught fire. Despite, his well written books concerning the Neocons, Zionists, and the goal of a one world government, ruled by the chosen, he was dirt poor and died in a motel room.

I should also note, Oliver Stone produced and directed a few movies cryptically depicting mkultra and monarch programming in a positive light.

Glenn Greenwald and Snowden promote the offical 9/11 narrative, that's enough for me to know that they are controlled to push a limited hangout narrative. Real whistleblowers are killed.

You think controlled opposition Greenwald and his billionaire, corporate war-hawk boss, who like Greenwald pushed for a Syrian war -- Greenwald even withheld declassified information so that the proxy arming and funding campaign of Da'esh and Al Nusra front would not make headlines until the destabilization campaign was complete -- would want to tell you the whole truth?

They are cogs in the machine. The MIC, Hollywood, Intelligence Agencies, limited hangout campaigns of controlled oppositions are all working together.

To milk all they can while slowly only exposing gentle handling of the publics private teats. If the NSA had some real press dudes drop hard bombs quick, then shit would hit the fan hard & be like Watergate in response. IMO snowden is likely a snowjob to provide a controlled release on the govs terms to dull perception by slowly acclimatizing the herd their cold ill milk machine hands on their private teats.

Snowden has no college degree & held jobs & security clearances a GED does not [IMO rarely if ever] earn. IMO his real record includes psyops in the military & a degree loaded with police state oriented classes & is not ever going to be known without the ill machine dying. What is Snowden's actual agenda in easing us into this state of affairs?

Also, Jack Dorsey presented your twitter suggestions to the state department whilst he promoted Snowden who pushes encrypted apps used by the state department for regime change operations in the middle east where malala is a tool of war.

NOT BREAKING: Julian Assange uses wikileaks and Snowden uses himself to regurgitate the empire's version of 9/11.

I could give you hundreds of reasons why both Snowden and Assange are shills, and I will later.

Basically what we have is:

  • pseudo journalists

  • slow dripping leaks

  • limited hangouts

  • controlled narratives

  • police-state indoctrination

  • mass conditioning

  • psych warfare

SNOWDEN: my grandfather was at the Pentagon on 9/11

TRANSLATION: trust me, i know what i'm talking about, a plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11

Snowden also said, supposedly that whistleblowers who leak to journalists should be shot in the balls.

“Snowden” pushes an onion router (Tor) created by the US Navy and funded by the government, and a messaging app (Signal) used by the State Dept. for regime change ops.

“Snowden” criticizes the Israeli high-tech industry, yet he wants us to believe that “too often Israeli firms don’t know what use their products are being put to.”

See how that works? Too often criticism of Israel is followed by an excuse; a disclaimer.‬

That's how subtle these psychological operations are!!

Assange" endorsed ‪@DFRLab‬ and the‪ AtlanticCouncil‬, known for demonizing Syria, DPRK, and Iran?

Note: "Assange" lended credence to Jared Kushner on his twitter, that I have saved locally.

And shortly after Israel thanks "Assange" for his service, LMFAO.

Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald, the fake progressive leftists, Edward Snowden and Kim DOTCOM have one thing in common: They want you to believe 9/11 was an intel failure.


grandfather at Pentagon

broke both legs


computer whiz

CIA asset

NSA asset

whistleblowers should be shot in the balls


Edward Snowden still probably works for CIA-Booz Allen.. Real dissidents don't win Oscars.

That reminds me, Rabbi Dov Zakeim is also closely linked to Snowden's pop. And the 9/11 flights. It's all one big clusterfuck of psyche warfare at this point.

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Edward, I hope you read this.

Never go back. If you still want to be a hero, stay away. If you don't want to be a hero anymore, stay away. You are one of the bricks in the wall of the revolution that is brewing everywhere, from Hong Kong to South America; if they get you, it would be as when they got MLK back then. Or Che Guevara. Or Hitler, for people who were into that.

There is no positive outcome if you ever return, except for the CIA. No positive outcome whatsoever. And I'm sorry about that.

But never, ever return.

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The DS is going to kill you.

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What he did was illegal, although it was morally correct in exposing what were wrongs, taking away personal rights to privacy, being committed by the government. I hope he would receive a fair trial. But, in our polarized society, the odds are slim.