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Trading privacy for security. Easy to trick people in to this mindset when they're perpetually frightened thanks to the corrupt news media.

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It's a database of people who are probably not committing crimes either, maybe a few 'crimes of passion' and even fewer 'deranged people', but people who think a little bit don't use these things or can even use them to manipulate investigations.

I do like the twitter post in embedded in the article showing a fit-bit sensing a 119 heartbeat of a raw chicken-filet.

Setting up your fitbit on a chair on a chicken fillet while you're out murdering: "oh no officer I was watching the news, what was on? some tweets of trump or something I dunno..."

"but your heart rate suggest otherwise"

"Okay I was wanking it to bla bla bla, with my left hand, I wank with left, that's why there are no footsteps measured"

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"White House Now Thinks Forcibly Implanting a Subcutaneous Tracking Device in Every Citizen Will Afford Them The Power and Control They Desire"

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This could be some foreshadowing of the next mass shooting hoax that is being planned.

I'm predicting that this will occur at an event that starts with a title that is related to the Dorian in Hurricane Dorian. Here's why

  • Hurricane SANDY = Sandyhook
  • Hurricane Harvey = Harvest Festival Las Vegas
  • Hurricane Dorian = The Dorian??? IDK...

The first two shooting hoax events occurred within month(s) of the previous major hurricanes.

Here's a list of San Francisco races planned for September

Here's a list of San Francisco races planned for October

Here's a list of San Francisco races planned for November

I'm sure that there are plenty of other "Dorian" named locations, so I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions.

Does this sound crazy?
I agree...

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How is this related to OPs post?

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Probably clicked the wrong post and thought it was another one.

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Possible predictive programming for the next hoax shooting.

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The fitness tracker relationship to shooters.

As far as I am aware of, there hasn't been any fitness tracking shooters to date.

We'll see.

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I do like (sometimes, maybe even most-times) your input, but I (as you {hopefully} jokingly have suggested as Buddy of the FBI would say: nah.

And if I was: Yeah please purge me and all accomplishes, I'm that kind of a CyberWoman (CW, haha CONTENT WARNING Please put a Pen Gillette laugh here, I like his laugh) -> We disagree but you're not crazy but crazy invites crazy. Stick to your roots, you're (hopefully) mixing satire with critique and that is hard to swallow when plain critique lands harder IMHO. I find it hard to divulge into some, like this, things because the narration is off the chains and reason/satire is hard to find.

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Sometimes I like to make longshot predictions.

Also, Sandyhook and the Vegas sounds were hoaxes.

Sandyhook hoax evidence

The first 5 mins is a press conference with the coroner who supposedly did the autopsies of 20 children in the most hideous school shooting in US history.

It's completely absurd. Listen to his comments. They're literally unbelievable.

Also, the odds of 100% of the people "shot" died on site with no possibility of emergency survival. No one was rushed to any hospital until the evening.

The average age of the mothers of the children that died was 36 when they were born. The avg age of motherhood was 27 at the time. What do you think the odds are of a 9 year mean shift for a sample size of 20 mother's avg ages? Less than one in a quintillion.

Keep in mind that for the avg to be 36, that half are 36 or older, and some are much older than 36, cause you need one new born baby with a 45 year old mother for every baby with a 27 year old mother.
And 27 is the national average during that year...

It's preposterous.

Vegas hoax evidence

Watch the first 10 mins and you'll be suspicious; at a minimum.

The CEO of mgm sold 11 million in stock the week before the Vegas shooting.
He also is a senior Homeland security official.

Included in the video is bewildered concert goers questioning why the speakers were playing fake gunfire.

Don't take my word for it. Review the evidence.

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It won't be in San Fran, everyone is already anti-2a. Notice how the mass shootings are occurring in states with strong support for the 2A. Missouri, Arkansas or Oklahoma are probably next on their list.

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The Gilroy hoax happened in a suburb of San Jose, so...

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the NEXT FAKE Mass shooting. Because almost all of them are psyops. So, they're just getting ready for when shit hits the fan and the economy collapses.

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"collect volunteer data from a suite of smart devices, including Apple Watches, Fitbits, Amazon Echos, and Google Homes in order to identify “neurobehavioral signs” of “someone headed toward a violent explosive act.” - Literally Big Brother. Not the figurative use of the word literal, but the literal use of the word literal. George Orwell's book was supposed to be a warning, not a manual.

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Along with tin foil hats, I'll be selling foil armbands that block any radio waves. Nice try gubmint.

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