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While a couple years old it's still worth remembering.

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Sort of? As I recall it requires an evil nanny to pull off. This exploit did not work over the internet, and once exploited could not stream over the internet; correct me if I'm wrong. If you face an evil maid then there are innumerable other avenues of attack anyway.

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I always keep a small piece of black electrical tape over the camera on my computers. If you know where the microphones are, keep tape over them also. If you get a message on FaceTime or Skype, it's easy to peel the tape off and use it again later. There is a vid and still of Zuckerberg on the Internet that shows his laptop is taped like this.

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Is it still a concern if you dont visit suspicious sites?

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I'm thinking that if Zuck is taking precautions, I should too and it only takes two little pieces of tape. As I see it, the Internet is much more suspicious now than in the old days. Suspiciouser and suspiciouser.

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I've been told by saidit 'experts' that it's impossible, so it must be a bunch of bunk, but that HDD's can be turned into microphones.

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ojeh i forgat, thats why i was sceptive about buying the Xbox One X...they could use that the same i think....but i dont care to much

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I knew this was going to happen.