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I have experienced this a lot. They always ask me then how I am even able to live without such a thing - and then I always ask back how they survived the time until everyone had one. They seem to have forgotten, though it isn't even long ago. I've also recognised how the mindset and attention span of cellphone users differs from my own more and more from year to year. They recognise the difference, too - while I have the impression that cellphone users become numb and dumb from using it, they have the impression of me being the weirdest weirdo that has ever escaped from where all the weirdos may come from for not using a cellphone at all. It makes my human value almost worthless in their eyes. When I used to sit with a crowd of people and then everyone pulled out his cellphone to stare into it for himself, I felt like kinda extraterrestrial. And because they sensed that too, I became more and more excluded because I could no longer belong without a cellphone, so much did these people suddenly define themselves on these small pocket-devices. It consumes their soul like a vacuum cleaner.

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Whooaaaa nelly, that's one good post!

Yeah, they've been absorbed by the phone - or seemingly, absorbed the phone INTO themselves and it then slowly takes over from within, it's PART of them - similar to how people say "we are already cyborgs". Man and machine are ALREADY one, but machine is slowly becoming the majority.

Ultimately, the reason I ditched my cellphone in the first place was my ex calling me every second of every day until I just threw the phone into a wall. 10 years later however, I can see so much more good came from her pushing me to that point.

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Man and machine aren't able to become one, that is just the illusion that man makes himself while he is sacreficing himself for nothing. The attempt will not lead to machines becoming more alive like men, but to men becoming more dead like machines.

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The attempt will not lead to machines becoming more alive like men, but to men becoming more dead like machines.

This is true for the way we're currently going about it, but it's not a law of the universe. There are good ways to do this: How To Become A Centaur by Nicky Case is a good thing to read.