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How about if they claim you said something illegal, whether you did or not?

How about when they pass a law that makes your past illegal and they have it all recorded?

You've visited SaidIt in the past, a known site for commies and terrorists.

If it's all top secret for them and transparent for us they have all the power and no need to justify and we have no tools to refute.

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The "if you aren't doing anything wrong" tropes are quite old and really isn't worthy of response as it's nonsense.. I might recommend the book nothing to hide by Daniel Solove to at least formulate more intelligent ideas.

However, the argument which should've been made is that people of the U.K. are subjects, (though they recently attempted to classify themselves as citizens in name only), and as such have no expectation for things such as freedom of speech, privacy, the right to defend ones self, the right to life.

Their rights come from the state. If the government offers them such rights as listed above, for any period of time, they should be eternally grateful.

In the long term, I'm not sure if privacy would benefit them, and it most certainly is counter productive for their government officials who are their primary caretakers.

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The least ineffectual way to respond to the third-rate bromide "If you've got nothing to hide then you've got nothing to fear" is equating digital privacy with freedom of speech by barking back "If you've got nothing to say then you shouldn't care" and that tends to only cement their vapid hokey wall between mottos and discourse.

It's like how every time I'm at a pub for a couple of swift shorts and the inevitable warm pull out Britannicancel tilt sidles up, you get the same fresh 60 somethings dribble a platitude like "This used to be Great Britain. It's not great anymore." with their curdled lip rictus, as if they think that's won the argument.

Getting drunk at home is so much more rewarding now. I get to sit in just my boxers anyhow.

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