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i dont understand why people complain about Government/Police e.g. listen bug/tap our phones or emails etc. Its not that they are interested if you have a affair or whatever, or what interesting stuf you post on Fasebook, or your Selfies on Instagramm, NO they only try to STOP the Russians and Chines ea criminal intended terrorist and spy's. And i have nothing to hide, they can read my emails or listen to my oninteresting phone conversations if they want, but im sure they are not interested in that

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How about if they claim you said something illegal, whether you did or not?

How about when they pass a law that makes your past illegal and they have it all recorded?

You've visited SaidIt in the past, a known site for commies and terrorists.

If it's all top secret for them and transparent for us they have all the power and no need to justify and we have no tools to refute.

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The "if you aren't doing anything wrong" tropes are quite old and really isn't worthy of response as it's nonsense.. I might recommend the book nothing to hide by Daniel Solove to at least formulate more intelligent ideas.

However, the argument which should've been made is that people of the U.K. are subjects, (though they recently attempted to classify themselves as citizens in name only), and as such have no expectation for things such as freedom of speech, privacy, the right to defend ones self, the right to life.

Their rights come from the state. If the government offers them such rights as listed above, for any period of time, they should be eternally grateful.

In the long term, I'm not sure if privacy would benefit them, and it most certainly is counter productive for their government officials who are their primary caretakers.

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The least ineffectual way to respond to the third-rate bromide "If you've got nothing to hide then you've got nothing to fear" is equating digital privacy with freedom of speech by barking back "If you've got nothing to say then you shouldn't care" and that tends to only cement their vapid hokey wall between mottos and discourse.

It's like how every time I'm at a pub for a couple of swift shorts and the inevitable warm pull out Britannicancel tilt sidles up, you get the same fresh 60 somethings dribble a platitude like "This used to be Great Britain. It's not great anymore." with their curdled lip rictus, as if they think that's won the argument.

Getting drunk at home is so much more rewarding now. I get to sit in just my boxers anyhow.

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Pm me your emails, Facebook, home address and passwords. If you got nothing to hide then you won't mind giving it to a stranger. I promise you i won't do anything bad. (No where near as bad as how the government treat reporters who expose their war crimes. Thanks) thanks.

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only if you are CIA or FBI,but i guess your not,and if you would not be interested in my stuf

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Them pm your details then. What I do for money in this world or who I work for has no bearing on if your a good person or not. So it shouldn't matter. People in positions of authority do awful things Every day that they should not do. -jullian massage. Also In Turkey when the last president took over he apparently used his government surveillance team to track down anyone that opposes his views. That's the same type of people over there that you currently trust in your country. You have been convinced and guilted into giving up your privacy in exchange for the lie of security. I'm just making a point. And I hope you understood.

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oke, im not saying your wrong, and in fackup countrys-like Turkey indeed-there its another story, im talking from my own country/perspective and i know the goverment would only use that power to track down criminals/terrorist etc. so i think your right about it in communists countrys, but in good decent democratic countrys this should not be a problem, specially if you hear that a terrorist group could have been caught if the goverment only had more acces/possibility`s to tap/bug phones/internet

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Consider that your another election from Turkey. It's happening. Eddie Snowdon would say how they would pass around intimate private photos around the office. This is your privacy here. It belongs to you. In England more people are killed by falling coconuts each year than from terrorism. Terrorism is being used as a reason to justify invading your privacy. Take it back it's not theirs. It belongs to you. Please reconsider your argument my friend. Cheers

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they have Coconut Tree`s in England?

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Only in supermarket. I mean world wide more people die a year from falling coconuts than people getting killed by terrorists in England.

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they aren't reading the content of your emails or listening into your calls. they are collecting metadata - way more useful and profitable.

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well, i dont give a crap...ehh wel aslong as they not gone complain about sone stuf i downloaded,fack that, but it seems they are more interested in stuf like these