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Registry backup is disabled but backup status shows "backed up". They did it to save space. 50-100mb.

Microsoft, the company that downloaded a full operating system without your knowledge ("why did W7 auto download W10 on my 3G connection, stole 11gb both from my harddrive and wireless quota") disables a critical function to save 100mb.

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When you put it that way... good point.

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I don't believe that this minor change woudl have saved any space. It's a registry backup. They're not that big. They could stop adding start button craplets to save space, if they were serious. I think it's a bug someone missed, until now.

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This is so (small) businesses can't easily fix/restore things in case of trouble, but have to call M$$$ or an 'approved M$-licensed company' to fix it.

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And attacking your right to repair. They are taking tips from Apple and John Deere. One more thing to fight.

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Considering W10's considerable footprint on hard-drive space, this comes off as a piss-poor excuse. Not that I care about Windows; I've been using Linux since 2002(Knoppix was my introduction and I was amazed that an entire OS could run from a CD) and I haven't looked back. But I digress.

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Hopefully windows dies soon