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I think the roll of government has been reduced to that of 'citizen control' by the global corporations who own them.

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There is a new outrage every day.

Why politicians have not been assassinated by now is a mystery.

Government workers have sold their souls for a paycheck. How could any American not know about the Bill of Rights and be so willing to violate it?

Americans are too comfortable to rebel now because they are paralyzed with bread and circuses.

Patriots must resist today by moving abroad, buying guns, distributing ammo, holding meetings, making websites, or wearing a Nazi uniform in public.

How could the elites turn the US into a bankrupt warmongering police state and pay no price?

Be friendly and listen, but turn every conversation into a discussion about the US collapse.

Who runs Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, and the government?

Do you really think that the stock market will never crash?

Did debt work out well for Rome?

Why would the ruling class set up a police state if they don't plan to use it?

Americans need to forget their old life and plans by making fighting for freedom their obsession. Almost everyone under 50 will see the USA collapse in their lifetimes.

Will you wished that you had said something when you get forced to board the boxcars, sent to the concentration camps, and pushed into the ovens?