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Does anyone have the video of Rudy saying they “pulled” Building 7. I’m specifically looking for the TV interview the mayor of NYC gave on 9/11 where he uses the term “pulled” in reference to Building 7.

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Don't you mean Larry Silverstein? He definitely said, "So I told them to pull it," referring to WTC7. Rudy did say something very suspicious on the morning of 9/11 though. It was after both buildings had been hit but neither had collapsed. He said to reporters, "Those buildings might come down, you know." That was an amazing prediction since before 9/11 no steel-framed building had ever "come down" except one in Madrid that burned for two days and its top third toppled over but did not fall into its footprint. No buildings have ever collapsed into their footprints except for three on 9/11. Never trust anything Giuliani says. Both videos exist.

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Regarding Guiliani's statement, I don't know man. I've been part of "Disaster planning" for ultra small situations (20-50 people) and one of the mantras was that it's not a disaster if we got plans for it. Anything can happen and it's better to be overcautious than assuming.

IMO the reporters reporting that WTC7 fell while it was still visible in the background is more telling of a preset narrative.

The interview where Larry Silverstein told'em to pull it is proof that the official narrative is fake.

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I remember seeing a live video at the time where firemen told people to stand back since it was coming down. It appeared to be a controlled demolition. The reason, as I understood it at the time, was that one of the tenants was the CIA, who didn't want random people to walk around and possibly find state secrets. I have no evidence to back up any of this.

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