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They've switched from "home grown terror" with Muslim pasties patsies.

I suspect the percentages quoted don't include husband's who shoot their partners, family members, and friends.
The figures are historically biased to the white side.

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It was jihadists and muslim terrorists, all lies and false flags, to white domestic terrorists that are fake exercises.

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Crucially, politically motivated events where the wrong party(s) are blamed.

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That doesn't fit the narrative

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Nazis say Trump was only making a compromise when he banned bump stocks.

Nazis will say Trump was only making a compromise when he bans silencers.

Nazis will say Trump was only making a compromise when he makes gun background checks more invasive.

Nazis will say Trump was only making a compromise when he bans revolvers.

Nazis will say Trump was only making a compromise when he bans rifles.

What do you gain if you lose everything?

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Come one, You could have said that a whole lot better without going full Godwin's

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Everything is blamed on Nazis and Hitler today. That way you don't blame the real players involved in all this deception.

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Nazi's don't exist anymore. And Nazi's didn't ban guns for Germans, like they want to do here in the US. Zionists and Nazbols and the ignorant defends Trump's actions.

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DATA is bunk because the mass shootings are fake, they're exercises.

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Well, I'm assuming that a lot of those in the data were drug deals that went sideways and similar. Maybe you told me but over that hoax weekend, sixty were killed in Chicago alone. So some of the data is non-hoax I think.

Speaking of Rahm Emmanuel, Obama's first appointee and ex-mayor of Chicago, he must have done all in his power to stir up Chicago while in power. He's another dual passport holder but he actually served two years in the IDF like other able-bodied Israelis.

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Yes, but but I refer to high profile mass shootings, any death number over 5 by one shooter. Most are fake.

Emmanuels father was a member of thr Likud party a terrorist organization.

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I just want to say that some people might see me as "racist" for posting this, even though it is publically available information. As a white male, I resent the recent propaganda attempting to blame white males for just about everything wrong with the world today and felt compelled to inject some actual facts into the narrative. It is true that much of the murder by blacks is black on black crime. Also, I am not trying to incite anyone to violence, staged or otherwise. One more fact: 13% of the US population is black.