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Lara has nine posts, as of the moment I type this. All of them push for Kamala Harris. Me thinks she, if it is a she, is an obvious shill.

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    She looks scared in the article photo.

    Kamala has no hope of winning. She's a dud.

    Her only hope is to rig the primaries like SHillary... Hillary was a dud.

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    Hillary knew since her husband was in that office that she was going to run for it. From that point on she could have kept her nose clean - made clear decisions and stayed out of entanglements that would make her look bad. She didn't.

    She could have had it in the bag, but she was so tied up being a politician that she barely knew what her base was or wanted. I felt like she was so out of touch with us that were supposed to be her base, her constituents. The only thing going for her was that she was a career politician and had the experience to be the first female in that office. Other than being a Lady President, and the first at that, and also "Not Trump" was her only appeal.

    a great many Liberals wanted Bernie, and when the DNC threw him under the bus it caused a rift - a rift that they really dont want to acknowledge these days, but a rift none the less. I was living in one of the most liberal cities on the planet at the time so I saw the division right there in Austin.

    It was like the wind went out of everybody.

    Then she did nothing to mend it. Clueless ironclad ignorant bitch.

    She could have won it if she concentrated on being a Democrat and acted like it. Instead she was just a left leaning career politician like any other. Indistinguishable from the rest, other than she had tits.

    Russia meddled. Deny that all you guys want, but they meddled, and yet it would not have mattered if the Dems weren't completely divided after Bernie got the shaft.

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    Russia meddled. Deny that all you guys want, but they meddled, and yet it would not have mattered if the Dems weren't completely divided after Bernie got the shaft.

    The DNC meddled 1000x more than the Russians could have dreamed of attempting. They wouldn't dream of it, because we'd nuke them.

    Blame Israel if you want a scapegoat a meddling foreign country, cause they openly interfere.

    This level of hypocrisy is obscene. The cognitive dissonance on this issue threatens your credibility, bro. You can do better...

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    Lol, I don't think all these Kamala Harris posts are going to be well received here. We are a bit more advanced community than say your average reddit subgroup. This isn't going to work here Lara. If someone is paying you to do this you should advise them to save their money.

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    Kamala is a false Liberal. A 'moderate' Democrat that in the 80's probably would have been considered a Republican. And she says she is coming for guns. Proud Lefty though I am, I dont abide that much. (I guess country livin' liberals aren't the same as city livin' liberals) I think she wants in the History books, more than she wants to help America.

    I would pretty much say Anything is better than that traitorous doughnut we have in the Oval Office right now, but I dont trust that lady.