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    It is different, though. This isn't some new spending spree, this is a prior obligation for events that already took place. This is money we owe for a legitimate debt to the people who put their lives on the line and are now dealing with chronic debilitating conditions. He said on Twitter that he didn't block the bill. But without any objection, it would've passed. So how is that not blocking?

    I also find it a bit upsetting that he labels all criticism coming his way over this as "the left brigade". That's a bullshit copout that shows he feels he's done nothing wrong. I was a state delegate for his father both times around and am most certainly not part of any left brigade.

    Libertarians are supposed to respect contracts as the foundation of free enterprise. These men and women entered a contract with their government to provide services to the public. During the execution of that contract, they incurred lasting injuries that impact their quality of life and earning ability. The government which contracted them is liable for those damages. Period, end of debate, if you're a principled libertarian.