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So San Francisco will ban E-cigarettes but won't clean literal shit off the streets? Honk Honk

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Doesn't look like Biden or Trump plan to restore the Bill of Rights, decrease the debt, or end the wars.

Everything has become a big joke now.

Americans are just slaves at this point.

There is no rule of law. Legal or illegal, constitutional or unconstitutional, ID or no ID, you can go to prison on the whim of the state at anytime.

Americans need to avoid the Gestapo like a black man in a dark alley now.

Americans need to be obsessed about resisting tyranny in every way.

Stop carrying a mobile phone around.

Buy guns, gold, and food.

Move abroad or shop in states with no sales taxes and work in states with no income taxes.

Talk to everyone. Talk to doctors, dentists, those waiting in line, or people on the bus. Raise awareness of debt, wars, and tyranny by being friendly and discretely asking open-ended questions outloud like:

"Doesn't the US have a $22 trillion debt?"

"Who is the USA fighting wars for?"

"If tyranny is so wonderful then why do North Koreans try to escape?"

"Could shootings be faked?"

Raise awareness by making a website, renting billboards, contacting the media, protesting, and printing up flyers and business cards

The USA may be lost, but to do nothing and wait to die is insane.

Americans like to blame the elites for ruining the USA, but just look in the mirror to see the real reason the US is collapsing.

Tyranny just leads to more tyranny. The US used to not have regulations and everything was fine. Now regulations have killed businesses so Americans demand the homeless be arrested, feeding the homeless be outlawed, and outdoor pooping be banned instead of just ending the regulations.

Americans used to be able to travel to 3rd world countries and laugh about checkpoints, but now Americans have found out that the entire world is a police state.

The entire US seems to be committing suicide.