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The US collapse has become so obvious now that you might wonder if the decline is by design and not by coincidence.

Most everyone knows about the decay, but they may not be sure why or what to do. Americans may not understand the urgency to prepare. The US could fail in the next 5 years, 10 years, or 30 years.

Maybe Americans can get people talking by holding a meeting or a forum in a restaurant, meeting room, college, library, university, church, or nonprofit. Put an ad on the radio, or in the newspaper, or pass out flyers.

Use the meeting to give an overview of why the USA is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state today.

Mention the results of a collapse and solutions to the collapse. Talk about setting up a commune, protesting, jury nullification, going Galt, militias, prepping, secession, and emigration.

Talk about how Communist countries kill the economy and then set up special economic zones. Ask why entire nations cannot be an economic zone.

You can discuss the advantages of secession by saying that there could be a new Bill of Rights, trade wars could end, a new country could print their own currency, there would be peace, no regulations, no nanny state laws, no minimum wages, no concentration camps, no free speech bans, freedom from warrantless searches, freedom from torture, no security cameras, no license plate readers, no checkpoints, no redlight cameras, no speed cameras, no FBI facial and voice recognition, no curfews, no gun bans, no NSA wiretapping, no searches without warrants, no private prisons, no mandatory minimums, no 3 strikes laws, no DNA databases, no CISPA, no SOPA, no IMBRA, no private prison quotas, no no knock raids, no take down notices, no no fly lists, no terror watch lists, no Constitution free zones, no stop and frisk, no 3 strikes laws, no kill switches, no National Security Letters, no DNA databases, no kill lists, no FBAR, no FATCA, no Operation Chokepoint, no TSA groping, no civil forfeiture, no CIA torture, no NDAA indefinite detention, no secret FISA courts, no FEMA camps, no laws requiring passports for domestic travel, no IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, no gun and ammo stockpiles, no laws outlawing protesting, no police militarization, and no Jade Helm.

Mention that secession might be rejected by Americans who want US welfare.

Ask and answer questions. Brainstorm.

Any problems created by man can be solved by man.

Fighting for liberty will not make you a billionaire, but Americans who think that they can keep their money and avoid being arrested or killed by laying low now will find out that they will lose their money and be arrested and killed in the end. You have nothing left to lose fighting for freedom.

One can understand why the elites want to kill off the 99%, but to see Americans completely surrender is insane. The whole country seems to be committing suicide.

Should Americans dance on the Titanic?

What would you do if you lived in Rome in 480 AD and there were no tax collectors, but there was no one to protect you from barbarians?

What would you do after the USSR collapsed and wanted a passport, but there was no government?