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Americans should look at the big picture.

Conservatives used to support the rich because Conservatives thought that they would become wealthy one day, too.

Liberals used to hate the rich.

Now the elites have embraced socialism.

The elites seem to be willing to lose money in the short-term if they can kill off the 99% in the long-term because the ruling class will then be able to steal the property of the 99%.

Concentration camps cost money, but the USSR could afford them.

The ruling powers don't mind losing money if they can gain control.

If the wealthy cared about money so much then why would Bezos buy the money-losing Washington Post?

If the rich cared so much about money now then why would Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit be eager to kick off users?

If the 1% cared so much money now then why would banks refuse to allow gun owners have bank accounts?

If globalists cared about money so much then why would they stop selling guns?

Americans seem to think that the elites won't open up concentration camps or shut down the Internet because the 1% will lose money, but what if the ruling class wants you dead so that they can steal your money?

The elites obviously wants the 99% dead. The ruling powers promote wars, debt, tyranny, abortion, immorality, regulations, trade wars, welfare, suicide, offshoring, illegal immigration, and want Americans to be herded into the cities so the elites can then cut off the food supply.

Americans who are mobile, go Galt, drop-out, go underground, work for cash, and become nameless and stateless nomads risk wasting their lives if the US doesn't collapse in the next 30 years. Americans who do leave, however, might be safer when the US Ponzi
economy implodes living on a beach in a 3rd world country. An economic downturn might not be as shocking if the population is used to being poor and you can fish for food. An anonymous American living in a foreign country might not be in as much danger as a American living in the USA. Americans who drop out now can also say that they are not funding US wars, tyranny, or debt.

Americans should adjust their plans today. If you wanted to be a doctor or start a construction company and buy a McMansion, you should consider that the USA is collapsing and make other plans.

What would you do if you lived in Cambodia in 1975 and wanted to start a repair shop instead of being sent to the killing fields?

What would you do if you lived in Nazi Germany in 1940 and was drafted into the army?

What would you do if you lived in China in 1958?

When you live in a police state, you don't have choices.

Do you think that there might be a correlation between record debt and a record stock market?

The collapse of the US is not just a fight between freedom and tyranny, the fight in the USA today is a fight between good and evil.