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And that is way scarier than any theorized Russian meddling.

This whole narrative is just to distract from the fact Israel runs most things in the US, including both political parties, imo.

But if the democrats win in 2020 it will mean that major billion dollar corporations used AI to influence the perceptions of people to produce a political outcome they were looking for.

That is scary, and a good point. Setting a precedent like that could be dangerous. But then it could create an over-reliance on AI to win elections, and that could backfire in a later election.

Really it has more to do with a superhuge giant company that controls all our information, wanting to influence the election as subtly and deeply as possible. The AI aspect is not scary compared to that, imo. AI is very bad at complex things, generally speaking. So all they're really doing is changing how often certain ads are displayed, and determining how content is sorted based on keywords. That's much less scary than this giant company trying to slowly change billions of people's information reality by subtly skewing the results of trillions of searches.

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There is an authentic deeper Russiagate that the MSM won't touch. The Antedote and a few others delve into it. It's also a tangle of Zionist Russians, Zionist Israelis, Zionist Americans, mafias, banksters, and lots of real estate. Mostly people you never hear of elsewhere, much less MSM. Of course digging the dirt on them is more difficult.

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OMG, you said anything about any subject at all. That just serves to distract from the fact that Israel runs most things in the US.


Who's to say it distracts. Depending on your world view it could be additive.

One could say that posting an article about how reuters doesn't have an article about reddit banning the veritas video is a distraction.

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Well it's just not in proportion. The media spends 10 hours a week out of 168 hours, talking about Russia taking over the US government. And about 0.01 hours talking about the same for Israel. Even though Israel has 10x the control Russia does. It's just not proportional. And that's why it's a distraction.

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Personally, I don't think it doesn't matter which candidate Google supports. They're a major company with actual power to influence people's ability to gather information and eventually vote. Biased things like filtered search results or certain videos not being promoted, when influenced by whatever Google's agenda is, can be compared to Google dictating to the people what they should be thinking and what morals they should uphold.

This is very different from political ads where at least people know they're being paid for and they can easily check facts via research in order to come to their own conclusion. The problem with Google is that they have the ability to only provide results that they think is "appropriate" (whatever that is to them) to the people. Google is going to become some kind of dictator of what is right, what is wrong, and what is acceptable. Google's influence is vast and we can already see how Google changed the world when it comes to education. People used to be able to do research as if they're in a library, check different sources for fact checking, and it pretty much was the best way for people to research for the truth of whatever subject they might be interested in.

Stories about Project Veritas on youtube and others that criticize online censorship or filtering of the truth, are being censored. Certain discussions on reddit are being censored for being "inappropriate". Censorship is becoming a very huge threat here in the US and it seems like there is a possibility that we might someday have the same type of censorship that they have in China. Just imagine not being able to search for information about certain subject matters because tech companies don't want you to learn about them. Imagine tech companies influencing the young minds of children, ingraining to them what values they want the kids to absorb as they grow older.

We've already seen this kind of "brainwashing" going on for years, except in an untargeted manner. Look how when someone started modeling on the internet to get advertisers, suddenly we have a huge chunk of young people wanting to be "social influencers". When I talk to young kids who are in highschool or are in college and I ask them what their career goals are, I'm surprised to hear them say "Twitch Streamer!". Seriously, a lot of kids who go into computer science want to become Twitch streamers because they are blinded by the success of the most popular streamers who earn hundreds of thousands or millions a year. They fail to realize that that kind of success doesn't go to everyone who becomes a Twitch streamer. That's the power of the internet. Children are going to college for a course that would help them understand how to become a "Twitch Streamer", while some are just happy to drop out of school to become "Instagram Influencers". It's that easy to plant these ideas to kids, just imagine what would happen if a company such as Google, specifically targets certain demographics to absorb certain ideologies via the power of information filtering or blatant agenda pushing.

In the end, I believe that Google and other tech companies who control parts of the internet, have a lot of power in shaping or controlling the future. The people who control information, control the truth. This is why it's dangerous when they start playing the high moral horse game.

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If anything, it will illustrated that /s/Voting_IsARiggedJoke/