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I used to love warren a lot, but now I don't really trust her after I saw how he was a total Hillary shill and did everything she could to undercut sanders and support the DNC rigging the primaries against him.

But honestly if any of the 3 of them won the DNC primary, I'd vote for them over Trump. But if it's Trump vs Hillary (or Biden) again, I'll probably protest vote 3rd party again.

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I've always voted 3rd party for president (many elections). I would vote for Gabbard, but not the other two.

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I view Biden only as a "less random" version of Trump.

(As a status quo supporter.)

Sure I hate Trump, but if I was asked to vote for Biden I don't think I'd even care to get out of my chair.

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Well, they are reckless people who don't understand economics or business, but pretend they do.

Sanders once said that children are starving in child labor camps because you have too many brands of water to choose from.

Let's point out that most of wall street does not sell the top product. A few of them do. If Sander's had his way most of those companies would go bankrupt to the benefit of the biggest corporations, because product diversity is bad.