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Freedom is the base that everything good is built on.

The US, like Norway and North Korea, is now a safe paradise where everything is free, but no one seems happy.

Americans think mandatory car insurance laws make them safe, but laws are useless if no one obeys them. Forty years ago you were shit out of luck if a poor person hit your car. The result is the same now if an uninsured driver hit you.

Americans scream mandatory airbags make you safe, but airbags can also kill you.

Norwegians are drunks now that females marry the state instead of a man and Muslims are overrunning the country.

In Socialists states, no one has morals because churches are closed and you must pay bribes to do anything. Theft is legal, but owning a gun is illegal.

Why bother having free college when no one wants to work when everything is free and hard work is punished with taxes and regulations?

People used to work hard because they thought they could keep what they earned. Now Americans have given up because the state will take everything through taxes, inflation, fines, fees, and forfeiture to fund welfare, wars, debt, and tyranny. When society collapses, the state will then use force to force people to work as slaves and the news is censored.

Thinking Patriots really need to start thinking about Plan B. Every day the US declines and nothing will improve because all of the lines have been crossed.

Maybe the only good news is that the Communists might win in 2020 and this slow death of the USA will accelerate so Americans can start Civil War 2.0 for real.

Americans should always be looking for a loophole for every law and tax.

Government workers should be seen as mobsters now. Actors, bankers, politicians, reporters, cops, and soldiers all work for the elites and are the enemy.

One must wonder if more government workers died, government workers would start thinking if they should quit. Why go to work if you might not come home? Is slavery preferable to death?

The same local friendly police officer who once might have wanted to stop murderers and thieves has now become the Gestapo and is responsible for also arresting and torturing lawyers, journalists, protesters, smokers, beggars, straw users, and business people, and will be happy to arrest you for hate speech, confiscate your guns, and force you to board the trains heading to the concentration camps.

Those who once escaped the Soviet Union to live in the USA probably felt more free, but Cubans who escape to live in the US today probably feel like they jumped from the frying pan into the skillet.

Now Americans should make plans to move abroad to escape the USA. Every country is a police state, but while the Gestapo would be eager to arrest Americans, the police in other countries might want to avoid an international incident and be more hesitate to arrest foreigners.

While Egypt might quickly execute Egyptians, Egypt might think twice about killing an American. Canada and New Zealand might not want to kill foreigners, but they might send them to barbaric countries like the US and Saudi Arabia who will.

Living in a police state means that you should avoid government workers and be careful that you're not talking to an undercover officer. Talking less means that you can avoid lying.

Time is running out.