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I bet the Russians are responsible for the redaction!

Damn Russians are always messing with US intel docs...


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Did Seth Rich even exist and if he did, did he really get murdered? His family doesn't seem too sure about it. Google his familiy interviews.

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I think his family is really worried about saying something to offend whoever called the hit on Seth. Somebody is controlling them.

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Was there even a hit job? Where is Rich buried? Was there a funeral and if so, was it a mock funeral or real funeral? His family is now suing Fox news, likely a psyop lawsuit not unlike Alex Jones and his cointelpro operation, so as to confuse an entire voting base and every political leaning.

Where did you hear Rich was the leaker? Is there any hard evidence that je was? Were the emails leaked, hacked or neither. Is wikileaks a limited hangout? Is this ENTIRE story a limited hangout in order to bolster support for Trump and once he won bolster support for the leftists due to the psyop lawsuit against FOX news, thusly the rightists now say the family has took the blue pill.

The entire story seems like a hoax to me.

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in mueller's report it says russia got dnc emails. Doesn't show proof or say how he knew that just states it then moves on. The most important thing to investigate!

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Because Mueller is a cuck for the establishment and wouldn't dare investigate something that leads to said establishment. I keep hearing Mueller is a Republican, none of that matters, he's a part of the club and you and I aren't invited.

“The Seth Rich conspiracy theory needs to end now,”declared

The MSM was thrilled at the news that Mueller is on their side and will protect them.