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Still frightening that the warmonger McCain came close to the presidency. His neocon ideas are that America should invade every country on the planet and create a global governance. And force the American people to pay the ruinous cost of it all.

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Globalist elites will never stop looking to have a true one world government. I hope to never see that happen.

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Council for National Policy is where all that sort of... far-right idealism comes from. They control the right: conspiracy, conservative and christian culture - while the CFR and associated left-wing orgs move the left into place.

They pretty much worship the Turner Diaries.

Doesn't matter which side wins (degenerate leftism/abortions/abolishment of religion etc or fascist british-israelism/christian-identity), the elites win as usual.

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McCain isn't far right. He doesn't exist on the left/right scale. Think rather of globalist/nationalist.