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Maybe repost in /s/Drugs?

Back when I was taking the Big Pharma prescription poisons for depression that only made it worse, one of my pill pushing shrinks asked me if I'd ever considered taking psilocybin. He didn't recommend it or not recommend it - but he brought it up. I didn't think I was in any shape to be taking anything (including his poisons). But maybe, just maybe, he was right and while initially it would have been terribly disorienting, maybe, just maybe, I might have got some long lost euphoria, if only momentary. I had been drowning and submerged in despair and lack of vitality for sooooo long, that it might have been helpful and hopeful and just a fresh breath could have done wonders.

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So you never took it or tried it? And why recommend I post it in /s/Drugs and not you take the minimal effort to copy and paste and post it there? I never understood that. Just do it?

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Oh, I've done a lot of things, including mushrooms and psilocybin. I've even spun fire on mushrooms. Very nice. ( He's quite good and mellow: )

I don't want to steal your thunder. I'll try to remember, "the Big O says go!" I'm not about thunder but try to respect those who are. Why I suggested it, is because I'm all about spreading good info around, and trying to keep it organized. It's also to help folks awareness about other subs who don't keep up on the subscriptions.

Reposted: /s/Drugs/comments/n0y/repost_denver_becomes_the_first_us_city_to/

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Thanks for reposting!

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Thanks for the post, although washingtonpost's paywall sucks

Denver voters deciding on decriminalizing "magic mushrooms"

If the initiative passes, the use and possession of psilocybin mushrooms by adults 21 and older would be at the lowest law enforcement priority in Denver. This would prevent the city from using resources to impose penalties. The drug cannot be sold — but can be grown by users.

Which led to



List of descriptions of species and strains of Psilocybe mushrooms and others