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This is just going to put children in danger. Fucks sake.

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Exactly my thoughts! People satisfying paraphilias isn't the problem; rather, doing it through rape is, whether directly or by proxy, but this does not do this through rape…

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Had to read the end of the sentence a few times...

Only moral police want to ban dolls, so you can bet feminists and christ-cucks will be first in line to do it.

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Do racing videogames make streets safer (because people play instead of driving) or unsafe (because people learn stuff and then apply them IRL)? I dunno, am conflicted about this.

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What you could do is examine the strong correlation between the availability of pornography and reduced levels of sexual assault if you want to compare apples to apples. Not that I'm strong supporter of pornography, it's just that the study has been done, and the evidence appears to be on the side of porn if you're solely looking at the reduction in criminal behavior.

Dolls eliminate a portion of pedo behavior. Don't see how they're a problem, and they probably do society good.