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No FUCKING way. Canada has learned how to live in the world peacefully, The USA is a terrorist imperialistic state that kills innocent people on a daily basis. Canada cares for their citizens and residents enough to provide the basic human right of health care, the USA sells out its people to whichever corporation can make the most money off their suffering and death.

I have lived in both countries, and most Canadians I have met have a deservedly contemptuous view of the imperialist USA. It figures this idea was floated by some corporate whore.

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so you like the idea of giving away 70 percent of your wages to a corrupt government?

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Taxes are no way near 70% in Canada, and people actually get services they need from the taxes, they are not paying for imperial wars all over the world.

Do you like the idea of public funding of mass murder for private corporate profit?

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if you think canadian tax dollars arent supporting those wars then you would be wrong. but that point aside, id rather pay individually for services i need rather than be forced by law to pay taxes for a whole slew of shit that i dont agree with.