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'flawed democracy'

So that's what the kids are calling an oligarchy now?

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Good point.

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How long before it is tyranny?

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No one should be surprised that the US is a police state now.

The elites give campaign donations and cushy job promises to politicians that approve laws that enslave Americans.

The 1% uses the media to report propaganda that brainwashes Americans to embrace tyranny.

The ruling class distracts Americans with bread and circuses.

The elites reward anyone who supports the police state with paychecks, sales, or welfare.

Anyone who defends freedom, peace, and balanced budgets is called a nutjob or racist and gets censored, an IRS audit, arrested, or is killed.

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This story is from 2017, reflecting calendar year 2016. This apparently stems from the average citizen's distrust of government, among other things.

As a reference point, other countries that qualify as "flawed democracies" and have similar scores on the EIU metrics as the US include Japan, Italy, France, South Korea, Israel, Estonia, India, and Chile.

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Tyranny spreads out from the US government to foreign countries and down to states and cities.

Libertarians might think Americans are aware that the USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state because of constant news coverage, but just a quick conversation or a search on the Internet shows that many Americans have not been woken up about the US collapse.

Everyday brings more proof that the US is declining.

Those who know need to urgently start making sacrifices, resisting, and educating people about the US decay.

While some Americans are not aware that the USA is collapsing, some do not care, and others think saving the US is impossible at this stage, just giving up is insanity.

Americans need to resist as long as they are alive.

Rent a billboard. Pass out flyers. Build a website. Talk to people. Buy guns, gold, and food. You could stop paying taxes. Protest. Think about getting a fake ID. Make an escape plan.

Time is getting short.