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When our overlords make a decree they never talk about about the unintended consequences.

The elites say we need a minimum wage, but no one mentions that a minimum wage raises prices and kills jobs.

The 1% says we need government schools, but no one mentions that schools brainwash people to be compliant.

The ruling powers say guns must be illegal, but no one wonders how can you protect yourself without a gun.

The ruling class says we must have Obamacare, but no one mentions the cost will raise taxes and make you dependent on the government.

Freedom has lost and the elites have won.

Americans used to have courage and love liberty. Americans protested the Vietnam War, Nixon was nearly impeached, and Congress voted against universal healthcare in the past.

Americans today have given up and the elites will go all the way to destroy the US with debt, wars, and tyranny.

The USA is a police state no different from the USSR or Nazi Germany. Americans have no rights now. The 1% just needs to mop up any remaining shreds of liberty.

If you were taught to love freedom and were concerned when DWI checkpoints were being started, mandatory liability insurance laws, and seatbelt laws were enacted, neighborhood watches were set up, the Patriot Act was passed, TSA groping began, and NSA wiretapping was revealed, but did nothing, now is your last chance to warn people of the dangers of tyranny.

When the US Ponzi economy implodes, the elites will launch their final solution against the 99%.

Internet censorship will be increased, the web will be shut off, books will be burned, guns will be confiscated, elections will be canceled, and the concentration camps will be opened.

The US collapse looks hopeless.

Perhaps one solution to the decay is to dropout and go off the grid. Maybe Americans should consider burning their passports, driver licenses, birth certificates, and SS cards in protest and wandering the world as nameless, stateless nomads.

Maybe Americans could start a new religion like the Amish that rejects technology, photography, cars, airplanes, the military, debt, phones, TV, movies, and the Internet.

Freedom depends on you. Now is the time to speak out, warn people, and prepare.

Everyone was born for a reason.