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Wow turns out the last 3 years were all political theater that could've been completely ignored. Who would've guessed. /s

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A right wing nut job who hasn't seen the report that no one knows the contents of because it's unreleased says it was political theater. Got it. Completely clear the president

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The mueller report is cointelpro. It is gatekeeping the fact that mostt of our congressmen and women and our entire government has been hijacked by Zionist and globalist geopolitical and socioeconomic interests. Mueller was head of the FBI and hired many dual-Israeli Zionists into high levels of power to cover up Israel and our government as well as the intelligence agencies complicity on 9/11. Mueller was the one who found the magic passports and refused dozens of FOIA requests by 9/11 investigators and researchers.

He's a swamp creature and a Zionist and everyone on the left is cheering him on because he is 'going after' (theater) pro-Israel, puppet Trump. Yet, Mueller is no better than Trump and in all actuality the entire report is likely a ruse and political theater to distract and disengage a large portion of the population.

Trump has close ties with Putin's Rabbi, as does Kushner. I'm actually going to post a long report about Trump's connections with Israel, Putin, as well as Mueller. It's all one big tribe and you ain't invited.

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This lady is a prophetess

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Orrrrrr y'know, an AG specifically appointed by Trump could simply be siding with his boss in his interpretation of the report.

Wait to see if/when it becomes public, then draw your own conclusions.

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While it likely does no good to rub people's nose in it, I think it would be beneficial for history to remember the Trump Russiagate propaganda from the MSM over the last 2 years.

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Barr's 4 page summation of the report definitely paints a picture of it being political theater, but the actual report is still yet to be released. Any conjecture as to what it contains at this point is not actually based on the report itself. Everyone should bear that in mind before doing any endzone dances or funeral processions.