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Bernie Sanders has said publicly he's not a citizen. I propose a /s/conspiracy group project where we create an accurate list and maintain it. Maybe it can't be 100% accurate but we can add citations and shit to support the case.

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Yes! You the man. I will work on gradually adding citations, y'all welcome to join in. This wiki is editable by anyone.

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Yes, accurate list would be great. Problem is they can keep their dual citizenship secret.

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Just do the best you can. Use citations and sources. Back up the claims.

Here's where the list could go: /s/USIsrael/wiki/index

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If the list ends up shorter, that's okay. There can be a suspected citizens section. I'm hoping we can find a few dualies on record.

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My understanding is that Bernie doesn't need to have citizenship. He applied for recognition by Israel of his Jewish blood, and if he touches ground in Israel he will automatically be given citizenship, upon request. All Jews can do this (nearly all rich ones already do this) and they know they can show up at anytime with their "I'm a certified Jew" paperwork to get their citizenship.

In other words, Israel is their rescue boat that they all make sure to keep well funded and secured. It's why we give them so much money and military arms.

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Yeah Israel is a rescue boat for all Jews if they want it, but there's still an official citizenship process to get official citizenship. They review everyone even Jews to make sure they aren't a BDS supporter, etc. So I think a list of official citizens is still possible.

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Definitely still possible. I didn't mean to sound like I was discouraging the idea. Just wanted to point out that some people like Bernie might be "half-citizens" so to speak. I will curious was that citizenship review process looks like now....