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Leftist media propagandists and ideologues disguised as entertainers are charged with ensuring that one candidate is hated as a counterbalance to the establishment choice's loathsome track record. There's little to campaign beyond gaslighting with regard to the record and it should be obvious that our career politicians have been tasked and funded by and outside entity to help destroy the country from the inside.

Along with the gaslighting and blatant hate being aimed at the leading challenger, there's a feverish campaign to import new voters who will help reelect the demolition-crat choice should the brainwashing prove ineffective

Like much of the rest of the industrialized world, the US government and legal system are participating in a war that's being waged against its own citizenry. So much is part of the big picture.

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I fall into this demographic, as I think a lot of people do. We're not voting FOR a president, we're voting the lesser of two evils. I quit doing that in 2020 and refuse to vote for any candidate I don't actively support. I don't support Trump or Biden, but I'm hoping for a Trump win as the pendulum needs to swing back sharply the other way to balance us out. My fear is that it will just become two extremes and those of us left in the middle, (the majority it would seem given that 50% of the country are now Independents), will continue to watch ineffectual presidents and administration do nothing during their terms but undermine anything the previous president/administration did.

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I’m the same. I hate trump, but I hate Biden even more.

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No good third party candidates either.

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If the Democratic leadership were smart, they would immediately replace Biden with someone such as Josh Shapiro or Andy Beshear. This would get the votes of the double haters.