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Russia has threatened to attack facilities in Britain because Britain has given permission for Ukraine to use its Storm Shadow missiles to attack inside Russia. If Russia attacks British facilities, Britain should send its military to Ukraine. The Royal Navy would be a match for the Russian navy and the RAF could gain air superiority. Its ground forces would greatly bolster Ukraine's.

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In that case, a state of war would formally exist between Britain and Russia, and, NATO might, or might not get involved. Since Britain already has its forces in Ukraine assisting the Ukrainians to attack inside Russia, NATO might see the British as having provoked the Russians, and might stand aside. In that case, Russia's massive nuclear advantage would come into play, and Britain would be completely destroyed, while the Russians would lose Moscow. A reasonable trade, from the Russian point of view.

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Yes, war would exist between Britain and Russia. France has already said it might send troops if Russia achieve a breakthrough. NATO should not get involved. It would give Putin an excuse to use nuclear weapons because he would claim he is being overwhelmed. He cannot claim that with small Britain. The problem for Putin is that Britain's military has historically been very good.

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OK. So, what you envision, is a situation where Britain has most of its military fighting in Ukraine, on the side of the Ukrainians. Do you really think the British public would tolerate their government doing this, for years? Also, remember how miserably the British failed in their intervention to halt the Russian Revolution, immediately following WWI. We might be dealing with a reprise of this.

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Yes, but I don't think the fighting would be for years. The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force would greatly aid Ukraine since Ukraine doesn't have much of an air force and navy. The British government would have to convince the public that Britain either fight now or later. Later would be more difficult because now they have the Ukrainians fighting with them. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany but did nothing. Britain and France had hoped to avoid war but couldn't.

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I think you're underestimating the Russians, a fatal error. NATO has already pumped some 400 billion dollars into Ukraine in a futile effort to stop the Russians. They've failed to do so. If Britain gets involved more directly, I simply think the British troops will be run out of Ukraine on a rail, by the Russians. That's exactly what they're already doing, isn't it?

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If it weren't for Western aid, Russia would have already conquered Ukraine. Note that Russia is getting help from China, Iran, and North Korea. Britain would be able to provide a navy and air force, something which Ukraine doesn't have much of. Although small, Britain's army has historically excellent.

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Sure, Britain's army is good. But, what makes you think that they can quickly defeat the entire, huge Russian military? I hardly think that's likely. At most, they might be able to help Ukraine hold the line, and, the British public won't tolerate thousands, or tens of thousands of casualties going on for years. You're not fighting Argentina in the Falklands here! The notion that the British army would simply be able to "wipe up" the entire Russian military in a short period of time is very unrealistic.

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Britain's army would be the reserve, going into action if Russia breaks through the Ukraine defense. The Royal Navy would prevent the Russian navy from stopping Ukraine exports. The RAF would provide air cover for Ukraine.

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Up to a point, Britain is already doing all these things. Russia's still advancing in Ukraine, and colonizing Ukraine, systematically. And, Russia's economy is booming.