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politically? that the liberal-conservative political spectrum is an obvious control construct and is woefully incomplete. i believe that during this election cycle in particular, that the establishment only cares that you participate and invest yourself in their theatre, they do not care who you vote for. this is about division and benefiting from instability.

my religious beliefs are very abstract. i’ve had many experiences that i simply cannot explain. by no means does that fact attract me to any church.

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the establishment only cares that you participate and invest yourself in their theatre, they do not care who you vote for. this is about division and benefiting from instability.

Congratulations on being one of the non-retarded ones still left in society, while everyone else participates in their illusion of Democracy that makes them feel slightly less irrelevant to society. And I don't usually post in politics, but I saw this on the front page.

I went from being Liberal when 19, to center-left in 2015 at 28, to right-leaning in 2017 after the left lost their minds, to finally being independent/neither and realizing both sides are full of retards and ideologues who are being manipulated by the same oligarchy at the top, who all drink the Kool-Aid and require obedience to a huge list of rules to join their club and will oust you the moment you deviate from even one of them (even if the woke-left are worse than the stringent-right.) Political parties are for the dumbest of dumb fucking people, i.e., 90% of human beings. I'm convinced I could become president myself if I regurgitated the same dumb shit like "Abortion bad! God good!" or any Progressive inverse of that. However, I've been learning to forgive people for their stupidity; they can't help it. This takes a lot of effort from me and I'm not quite that patient, yet.

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Yeah I like the political compass better.

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People always get more conservative as they gain wisdom

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Bullshit. The more you know, the more you embrace communism.

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Don't believe her; she has an OnlyFans and admitted being autistic (as fuck.) She's as liberal and "On The Spectrum™" as Sweet Baby Inc.

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thinking I have an only fans

Fuck that that shit is disgusting and degrading lol And I never said I'm autistic as fuck Jesus you must be a troll

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Also, fuck neoliberalism LOL I'm not associated w the democrats or the Republicans 🤣

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FYI, don't listen to the reply below me that's the one starting with an M. Dudes an incel who thinks 180cm is short. I never mentioned I'm autistic as fuck; I just mentioned I was diagnosed w kanner's and level 1 autism. And idk where he thinks I have an only fans and I'm a liberal. I fucking hate neoliberalism lol.

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Women can't be autistic

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Lol whatever

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And can't be gloomy