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yea, shits fucked, trump wont be getting reelected, lol.

I got my micronational Radiostation (powered by the pi zero) up and running, i can hear a bit of lag every once in awhile, but other then that, it does nicely.

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Nope, it will probably be a dem. I know that because the neocons like Kagan and Kristol, co-conspirators and authors of PNAC’s Rebuilding Americas defenses are on msnbc and cnn, saying how bad Trump is even though Trump also has neocons and Israel firsters surrounding him. A little news time neocon interventionalist policy theater for those who identify as a dem goes a long way come next election cycle. They play both sides.

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Plus, the media on the left is creating stories how cute and cuddly Bush is. How he gives Obama’s wife candy and how they have a close relationship. Rumsfeld is even on talk shows now snd he bashed Trump too. Trump is the controlled opposition to manipulate leftists into accepting the neocon ideology.