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Nonetheless, Nancy Pelosi has a thousand times more integrity and morality than any of the criminals complicit in the attack on our country that occured on January 6th. Compared to them, she looks like fucking Saint Theresa, and she is. So is anybody who doesn't suck the ass of those nazi fuckwipes who decided to try and tear America down into a third world fucking garbage heap on January 6th. What a black day for real Americans that was, but also a victory for those of us in the progressive ranks who long wanted to see the criminals expose their true cowardice to the entire world.

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It wasn't great, but it was a standard American shit-show of civil disobedience. The mostly non-violent and somewhat bipartisan Jan 6, 2020 protest and civil uprising over ignored election problems, was simply misleadingly portrayed and framed by corporate media, to appear horribly violent. No one was chucking frozen bottles of water at security/police, like was popular in 2017.

You must have missed the Jan 6th, 2017 riot, breach of the Capitol fence, protesters disrupting the count attempting to blast through the doors into the electoral count room (from the Capitol visitor's area where they were permitted to protest), and then two protesters infiltrating the electoral count room with the legislators, when the 2016 election electoral count had to be rescheduled to a special session, due to disruption by protesters and 11 instances Democrat legislators stalling by making invalid efforts to reject electors...

DOJ corruption is the only possible reason no one was even investigated for the super UN-American Hamilton Elector's scheme to over throw the 2016 election, by overtly intimidating electors to vote against their constituents' vote.

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Well I don't know what Fox channel you were watching, but the attack on our country on January 6th was ultraviolent and not a "civil uprising," no matter how you try to spin it. It was a mob gathering of imbeciles with guns who attempted to make America into a third-world shit hole with violence, insurrection, and ultimately the murder of human beings far more decent than themselves in every way. Get your head examined, you sorry miserable little mushroom.

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I'm sorry you fell for such low-effort propaganda and have reacted so emotionally to learning about what happened during the 2016 election and how it was 100 times worse.

When you view the actual video of day on Jan6 2021 (that they allow us to see) or read the actual indictments, there was very little violence, a very diverse set of people there, and no guns.

A few people were arrested for having concealed weapons or leaving one in there vehicle. There were several veterans and off-duty police for instance. Yet, there was no AK47 waving infantry storming the Capitol, like you seem to have imagined.

There were a few security who made poor and pointless decisions to attack large amount of protesters, whom were exerting their Constitutional rights. This ended badly for them, but none were seriously injured. One died a week later and the media pretended it was somehow related, but it was not. A couple security personnel committed suicide later, but no one feels good about being a Brownshirt oppressing the public for a banana republic.

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Let's be fair to Nancy. She was probably drunk and doesn't remember a thing.

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No, don’t tell me, Nanny lied to us. I don’t believe it.