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No doubt it was the radical leftists who started the violence. They are a dispicable bunch.

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No it was those radical right wing transphobic heterophobic yt cisgay TERFags who won’t stick their cispenises in transginas. /s

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Of course the weakling perverts were the ones to instigate the clash by rushing the reasonable people against pedophilia.

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This needs to become commonplace. That seems to be the only way to get these goons' attention. Of course we do know how the media will treat it.

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I see it at multiple schools. They put the flags up as soon as it’s June 1 because that’s when school is almost ready to end, while for most of the time the flag is actually up, students and teachers won’t even be there! This is the dumbest kind of virtue signaling there is.

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The desecration of the pride flag should be a capital crime.

The desecration took place when they started putting non-Gay sexualities on it at Gays’ expense.

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Nice to see some pushback.

Also, is this goiter, or just morbid obesity?

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I mean that does kind of look like goiter lumps...which would be extremely unusual in the US, as its pretty hard to avoid iodized salt to that extent unless you are actively trying. If she is some kind of extreme sea-salt only vegan, and/or eating a very low sodium diet due to high blood pressure, then I suppose it's possible, but I was under the impression people don't really get goiter in the U.S. anymore

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I just figured it out. That's the palm of her hand in this low resolution photo. I though the arm behind her was hers, but it's unlikely she has two left hands. 😄