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A quote I like = “It is difficult to free people from the chains they revere.”

― Voltaire

One cannot free slave if they do not wish to be free. Current and past day dimmos are an excellent example of that.

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I choose to wear the chains of Jesus Christ forever and no one will ever convince me to take them off

but that was the wrong SF story my memory failed me

what I meant to refer to was "The Little Black Bag" by CM Kornbluth

in that future, the geniuses all banded together to trick the stupid and the ugly to believe that they were really in charge

when geniuses band together, they can do literally anything they want to do with the stupid and the ugly

Jesus Christ tells me that we should treat them as if we would treat our own toddler children, because that's essentially what they really are

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Your reply here likely one of the more random bits of weird prose I have ever read in my life. "Chains of Jesus Christ?" I am unaware He offers or has any. Followers of Jesus are not known (to me anyways) to wear chains of any type. Jesus with both His life and death removes chains does not make anyone wear chains. Perhaps you need to rethink that little phrase. I am a Christian and I wear no chains.

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concretely speaking, when I say "I wear the Chains of Jesus Christ," what I mean is, "I am attempting to behave as if the ghost of a man named Jesus Christ who lived 2000 years ago is now in control of my body, and always will be"

are you attempting to behave as if the ghost of a man named Jesus Christ who lived 2000 years ago is now in control of your body?

if not then no-true-scotsman time I guess

you ain't no Christian according to my brand of Christianity

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1 of the keynote marks of who and what a Christian is and that is to not offer judgement on the "Christianity" of another. You are a waste of time after I send this I'll delete this string and block you. You seem to be a quite arrogant moron.

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okay, but you just judged me, hypocrite


I judge, and I love and appreciate being judged, so, I thank you