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Join Qortal

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I step around it by joining Qortal. What's your excuse?

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The problem at hand is full spectrum usurpation
If we focus only at (one or a few of) the branches, then the prevaient paradigm unchallenged, prevails. The usurpers maintain their stranglehold.
If we win at the core ie change the prevailing paradigm, values will change, and so will the branches.

If you can confirm Qortal is the usurper-free alternative for the 'Internet' I will add it to the table.

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I can confirm that is exactly what it is for, yes.

The foundation of the code is that nobody can unsurp it, not by themselves, not with a gang, not with money. Each individual 'node' can only gain voting rights and coins over time, and each node must be individually 'sponsored' by someone 5 levels above them. That makes it impossible for any kind of gang, cartel or government to take it over.

Such a group cannot grow any faster than the general population can, so the psychopaths should end up as the <5% of that they really are.

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I have updated the table
As mentioned in the link at the top of the post we need to focus on Accretive Dialogue
to realize the world that we want  
The usurpers are flaring us, flooding us with distractions, to keep us stuck on their AS IS trajectory rather than be on our own TO BE course