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“Upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor.” -Merrick Garland

The gaul of him to say this when his department has buried the obvious case against Hunter Biden. The level of corruption has gone so much higher than I ever thought people could tolerate. It's so obvious now where Nazis, Stalinists, Maoists, and other associated witchhunters throughout history have come from. Our species is absolutely dense when it comes to seeing the flagrant evil that pops its head up again and again and again...

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Ya know, growing up I thought McCarthy was kind of a bastard, it's what I was taught. And Nixon.

Anyways, I'm sure you have seen the polls where quite a few Americans think we're headed for civil war, but we absolutely can do not do that. We would be entirely too vulnerable to the many, many enemies we have made.

Gotta wonder who pushes these ideas that divide and weaken the US as country.

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The raid was just more political theater. One that Trump has made a killing off of in donations...

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And they were looking for classified nuclear documents that Trump stole, and had refused to comply with the Justice Department's attempts to resolve issues they had with Trump through “less intrusive means.”

Government officials were reportedly concerned information was ‘potentially in danger of falling into the wrong hands’

I hope they're not too late. Trump has famously had spies from China at Mar-a-largo, and we must suspect that he was trying to monetise this information to as many as possible, and he gets on well with both Putin and Kim Jong Un.

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So…if said docs are there and this stuff was hauled off without any recording or allowing Trump’s lawyer to watch, how do we know from where these documents originated? You don’t think they could plant stuff when not being watched?

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So…if said docs are there and this stuff was hauled off without any recording or allowing Trump’s lawyer to watch

That's a meaningless hypothetical. Trump's lawyer received the search warrant and the receipt of what was taken.

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He’s the best damn liar I’ve ever seen.

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Idk he's acting a whole lot like what you'd expect from someone panicking that their sketchy fishing expedition didn't find what they were hoping to find

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So all he did was admit he approved it, something everyone already knew.

Then, instead of explaining why, he goes on a rant attacking people who rightfully criticize the FBI for it.

He did nothing but prove that they are right to say the FBI is corrupt. He essentially showed that there is literally zero exonerating evidence to contradict that conclusion.

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And now we have the search and seizure warrant and the receipt for property.

Seized under suspicion of espionage, falsification of records in federal investigations and concealment or removal of records.

Recovered included top secret documents and SCI documents. (And a grant of clemency to Roger Stone, Jr. - w.f.t? Was he wanting to frame it, or simply copy it and to falsify grants of clemency to other individuals involved in the espionage and/or perversion of federal investigations?)

I wonder to how many foreign operatives he sold these US secrets to over the last 18 months.

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Surprising, there are two anti-Trumpers who have arrived to spew their bullshit. I find it surprising when they pop up on saidit, makes me think the DNC has a few dollars to spend for their shills to do some work.

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All opposition to Trump and the GOP is controlled opposition.

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It was all an excuse to get Melania’s underwear.

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This directly contradicts the Newsweek sources reported by veteran Newsweek shit-shovelling reporter William M. Arkin:

He insists, though, that Garland had no prior knowledge of the date and time of the specific raid, nor was he asked to approve it. "I know it's hard for people to believe," says the official, "but this was a matter for the U.S. Attorney and the FBI."

FBI director Christopher Wray ultimately gave his go-ahead to conduct the raid, the senior Justice official says. "It really is a case of the Bureau misreading the impact."

Newsweek called them “two senior government officials” with “direct knowledge of the FBI’s deliberations.” One, “a senior Justice Department official who is a 30-year veteran of the FBI."

Even the local police weren't let in on it:

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Probably an error on the part of newsweek.

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Newsweek simply quoted a 30-year FBI veteran with direct knowledge they trusted...purportedly.

Someone is lying. It's easy to blame the unnamed source....but I'd like to consider the suspicion that this huge and overt screw up was a calculated risk that failed and was colluded on by a multitude of higher-ups, who then drew straws to see who took public blame.

Edit: It seems I'm not the only one who noticed...

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Someone is lying.

Or they're mistaken. Which is most likely to be newsweek, since they famously don't employ fact checkers.

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Have the Trump necks stormed his house yet?

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