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This makes no sense. If Pelosi really can't remember that Benjamin Franklin was not a former US President then how could they let her make unscripted speeches in foreign countries without even a teleprompter? WTF is going on?

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Who cares about a slip of the tongue? Have you never said the wrong thing by accident? If you have, are you receiving treatment for your dementia?

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Oh its bootlicker again.

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It is just a matter of time before bootlickers get their faces kicked in.

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So you admit that the lying racist pedophile rapist plagiarist war criminal and pathological liar Joe Biden has dementia.

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Our army of LGBTs will blot out the sun!

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Mr. Burns already did it.

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Like Biden has any say-so and is not a puppet for the crew making the decisions right now.

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Oh the US military did it?

Joe Biden says Pentagon does not support Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan

“The military thinks it’s not a good idea right now,” he told reporters on Wednesday evening.

Weird, it seems the military tried to talk her out of it. I suppose one has to assume that first of all, the military supported and planned Pelosi's trip because they want to start WW3. Then, right before her plane took off, the military changed their position, now opposed to her trip. Then presumably some time before touch down on Taipei tarmac, they supported her again.

So, what's the pentagon's plan to start WW3 with this dementia patient? Their plan was for a diplomat to go on a diplomatic visit. Is that how the military normally start wars, do we think? I mean, I was fairly sure that diplomatic visits happen all the time. Isnt the differentiating factor here, the belligerence of the USA military wanted to start WW3 by doing something totally normal and innocuous and relying on ChiCom wolf warrior bellicose bullshit....doesn't that mean, it's the chicoms trying to start WW3?

So lets put it all together.

  1. Pelosi, according to this author, is receiving treatment for dementia (I didn't hear about that but he wouldn't lie right?).

  2. The military told her to go

  3. The military didn't want her to go

  4. Her totally innocuous and normal diplomatic visit relies on China's desire to start ww3 and this is proof that the US military wants to start ww3.

  5. Chicoms don't want Taiwan to have its own relations because they're bullies. So by conducting normal affairs, the bully gets upset, and this is the fault of the normal affairs.

This feels like a weird line of reasoning. What do you guys think

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I will admit Cailtin Johnstone has a flair for hyperbole. I do however agree with her general sentiments here, and I think she raises some important issues.

  • I am not thrilled by this display of intentional brinksmanship, especially with what is already happening in a similar situation in Ukraine. When Ted Cruz and the warmonger faction of the right is cheering you on, and you playfully invite them to come join you, this isn't a good look.

  • There are clearly issues with age and possible senility in our government.

    • Even the New York Times wrote a huge piece basically saying Democrat California Senator Diane Feinstein has dementia.
    • Biden said he has cancer, but doesn't. Biden reads "End of quote. Repeat line" off the teleprompter, Biden calls for regime change in Russia, and the White House walks it back, or any other number of ridiculous misspeaking gaffes that the White House has had to retract.
    • Pelosi is old as dirt too, and this article suggests there may be some issues, I don't know.

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This isnt simply brinkmanship, apparently, it's far more than that - it was the military attempting to start ww3. And their way of doing so, was for Pelosi to decide to go on a trip which the military advised against.

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Yet they spent $90 million for her trip, accompanied by multiple military jets.

Didn't realize Pelosi could order the military against their wishes.

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Read the headline again, they ordered her, to take a trip which they didn't want her to take. They wanted to start ww3 by exploiting China's desire to start ww3.

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This isnt simply brinkmanship, apparently, it's far more than that - it was the military attempting to start ww3. And their way of doing so, was for Pelosi to decide to go on a trip which the military advised against.

I agree it is hyperbole. It seems to be a popular way to do opinion journalism these days. Rachel Maddow, your personal hero Tucker Carlson, and many opinion pundits from across the ideological spectrum seem to be driving this particular style of journalism. I admit Johnstone intentionally mimics this style, although I generally agree with where she is coming from more than the pundits on the establishment right and left (Johnstone is actually a left wing extremist far outside the mainstream that considers herself an anarchist and a communist, but I see the libertarian leaning users of saidit, even chipit post some of her stuff, which I find hilarious).

I think these viewpoints deserve representation, and many things posted here are also highly hyperbolic, so I feel like her articles are valuable in balancing out the spectrum of the viewpoints represented by this type of piece, and contribute to expanding the Overton window in a direction I think is positive.

In essence I think what she is trying to say is that we have politicians of questionable mental capacity engaging in brinksmanship, and this has the potential to be very dangerous. This I agree with