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Recent TiA refugees.

It's certainly worth considering the likelihood that self evident woke hypocrisy isn't the only truths that have been supressed by Reddit censorship, or the MSM.

SaidIt is a place that will hopefully pop the thought bubble.

You don't know, what you were actively prevented from learning about.

There's no left vs right.

There's a divided 99.9% of humanity vs. the would-be slavers; who keep us endlessly confused and divided.

The slavers are terrified that the 99.9% is recognizing the scam. So they create another military distraction.

Don't fall for the trap.

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In the world I see you're stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockerfeller Center. You'll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life. You'll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. And when you look down, you'll see tiny figures pounding corn, laying stripes of venison on the empty car pool lane of some abandoned superhighways.

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Slavery predates fractional banking.

Debt slavery:

  • International Commercial Code (contract law)
  • Babylonian banking
  • Usury

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Ever since you've had one guy stronger than another guy you've had slavery.

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2 men, on a deserted island, of unequal strength... Is a recipe for teamwork.

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In the world I see, the 99.9% recognized and reclaimed their independence.

It's awesome.

I'll consider investing in some full grain leather gear.

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Wow she must be dumber than I thought.

The Russians did an invasion - is that news to her? What's America's goal - maybe getting the occupiers the fuck out of Ukraine?

The president of ukraine will set the peace terms once the occupiers are dealt with. Is she really suggesting that US Congress should set the peace terms? Could anyone be that moronic

Gabbard is a “Russian asset”; as it turns out, her campaign took money from one.

That agent—dual Russian-American national Elena Branson, also known as Elena Chernykh—stands accused of illegally pushing pro-Russia policies in the United States for nearly a decade, at the direction of top Kremlin officials

You dont say!

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You have the reddit normie take. You read the top comment:

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Boring trash.

I can easily write:

"Anti western conspiracy theories are Q grade bullshit"

And then expect you to read and obey it. But I doubt you will. So what's the point expecting that of me?

reddit normie take.

Waiting for you to explain how tulsi 's nonsense makes any sense to a 5head like yourself. Did you and she forget that both houses of Congress have already democratically scrutinised this?

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I'm just saying dude, you think your take is hot shit and I'm saying it's normie garbage. Yawn.

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You forgot to explain the big brain take to us. Something like: Yada yada the Congress didnt really meet that was a deep state trick blah blah

Otherwise you're as good as acknowledging my take is right. You insist it's wrong but can't explain why. Speaks volumes about your capabilities here

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I don't really care dude. I did my civic duty for the day. I can turn my Boyscout pin upwards. Rest is on you.

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Ah so you simply don't know why it's wrong. Just a feeling you're having. One which sn't backed up cognitively so now you have to chicken out the conversation, or else reveal your puddle-deep understanding of the topic. Whoops. Ok have a nice evening

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I'm saying this bores me, I don't want to be your own personal jesus. I wanna be high, listen to some righteous tunes, and fuck all the discord ya know?

I just dropped a truth bomb, and you can do whatever you want with that. ✊🏿

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Imagine US taxpayers are giving something like $40 each to some midget clown and you're wondering why they'd want a say over what the clown does with their money smh

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Yeah, "destroy orcs" is the request from america. And Ukraine are doing pretty well at it. "Take these missiles and shoot them at the invaders". It's not difficult. Would you like Congress to meet and reaffirm "these weapons are for shooting" - and didn't we do that already? Didn't lend lease pass both houses already?

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Yes, handing over sovereign control of our military assets and armies is treason.

No. It does not matter what Russia has done.

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Lol you think arming freedom fighters is "handing over sovereign control of our military assets"? Our "assets" were designed and fabricated to destroy orcs. And now we get to watch it happen without risking American lives. We should be thanking Ukraine really for taking the weapons and using them for their paid purpose.


Both houses of Congress passed the lend lease and the president has his own drawdown authority. That's the law and just as trump liked to say- if you don't like the polished steel and gunpowder smell of freedom in the morning then go back to your shithole country

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Lol you think arming freedom fighters is "handing over sovereign control of our military assets"? Our "assets" were designed and fabricated to destroy orcs. And now we get to watch it happen without risking American lives. We should be thanking Ukraine really for taking the weapons and using them for their paid purpose.

I have nothing to say to that. You've said it all yourself.

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Exactly. If Russia wins, if this invasion pays off for them this will send a catastrophic signal to the world. Russia will be encouraged to invade other neighbours, China might feel like it is finally time to annex Taiwan.

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If the EU and the US didn't intervene you would've seen Crimea 2.0. Hardly catastrophic. As it is, I agree. It's Russia vs the "civilized" world and people are already starting to starve over this war in the civilized world. Can't wait for winter.

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  • Crimea 2.0 with far more rape and genocide

  • the annexation of Moldova

  • the annexation of Belarus

  • the annexation of Georgia

  • the annexation of Taiwan

  • an attack on NATO and the begining of ww3.

Oh boohoo the nasty west won't let us "civilised" orcs go on a rape spree.

Maybe the free world should have let Hitler slice up Russia in the 40s, it would just have been "sudentenland 2.0", hardly a catastrophe

already starting to starve over this war

Right. Because some fascist cunts invaded one of the world's largest grain exporters and mined their ports.

Can't wait for winter.

There won't be a Russia by the end of this year so me neither

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yeah i don't trust her at all, i liked her at first but she's never(ever!) consistent & something about her seems eerily synthetic

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arm yourselves, civil war is coming

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Stop that. That's not a thing.

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Maybe Americans would be happier if American politicians would put Americans first, and spend their tax money on Americans.

Just a thought.

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Well, I don't like these negative nancies playing political games, but we do need to stop blowing money on Ukraine.

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Typical Americans thinking they can dictate to other countries what they are supposed to do.

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Volodymyr is an actor. I don't even think he is in control.

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He’s a puppet. Probably has a lot to hide as well. Like most western politicians.

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i really don't trust Tulsi, no matter how hot she is, she creeps me out.

she's got those cold dead eyes!

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I don't trust a guy, who's trust is based on his boner.

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Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

So for it to be treason, the Ukraine would have to be an enemy of the united states.