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Can't switch sex. Gender is a useless term.

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I liked Jordan Peterson's comment in "What Is A Woman": we are talking about temperament. Both sexes vary along the temperament spectrum, because temperament and sex are two fundamentally different variables. The trans crowd is using temperament to define biological sex, which is insane. It's like using right/left-handedness to define sex. These are two traits shared by all people, but one does not define the other. The insanity of our current cultural moment is remarkable.

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The trans crowd is using temperament to define biological sex

Excellent way to put it.

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Exactly. Gender, as it's defined today, if it even does have a definition, is meaningless to anything. I still struggle to know what these people even claim that gender is. I say "claim", because it really seems to me that they claim that gender and sex are different, but in actuality, treat them the same.