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Even people who've "transitioned" know you can't change genders.

So many accounts of pain, unusable "holes", both the mangina-pocket and anus are often rendered unusable.

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Even people who've "transitioned" know you can't change genders.

This is the part that I find ironically tragic; these people are mentally ill. They've bought an absolutely impossible story. No matter what they are screaming from the rooftops, in the middle of the night, they know who they are and where they come from. This cannot be erased with pronouns or speech-control on others. The subjects themselves of this evil can never erase their history from their own data bank. It's this internal collision with reality that is making them so entirely fucked up. They are doing everything they can to achieve the impossible: to forget what they themselves are most aware of - they were born with a sex, and that will never and can never change, only be "camouflaged", with greater or lesser degree of success.

They know who they are, and they are doing their best to beat the shit (figuratively and occasionally literally) out of all those of us who refuse to let them ignore precisely what they are most strongly aware of.

This is among the most deeply unhappy generations of people the world has ever produced.