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They're trying to play the "Good Guy / Bad Guy" narrative, with themselves as the Good Guys. The global population recognizes, however, that those ruling us are the Bad Guys. Without a population that basically believes in their good intentions, the powerful are checked from their goals. What we lack are positive leaders to rally around, and that is of course by design; the corporate powers have put up a firewall to make sure positive leaders cannot gain a public presence. But that kind of firewall is actually a defensive measure, not progress for them. As long as they have to spend the bulk of their energy preventing a positive leader from emerging (the censorship state), the ruling class is hobbled, with far less potential to enact the crap they want to enact. What these "elites" (only in their own minds) are looking for is essentially a global version of the CCP or the Soviet Union, with them in charge. But significant majorities within both the Soviet and the Chinese populations essentially believed that the governments in charge actually had the best interests of their people at heart. That belief is not present in today's world, no matter how much their propaganda wants to pretend it is. They are playing defense at this point. Let's keep them there. Keep talking. Keep telling truth. In the long run, it will wear them down to the point where decent leaders can get through the cracks in their armor.

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They're trying to play the "Good Guy / Bad Guy" narrative, with themselves as the Good Guys

They trained us since very young age us through Hollywood and Disney that the world is all black and white, we are always gonna defeat the bad guys at the end, we are always the good guys and we always win.. Some people grow up out of this mentality if they open their mind a little through traveling or civil discussions, but sadly a lot of citizens are NPCs, governments love NPCs, they are easy to manipulate to extract the votes they want, democracy is a hoax, no sane person is OK with the groomer and the rest being in power.. NPCs always get a giant middle finger, yet they never change their minds.

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Because it's easier for a moron to rationalize why he's getting shafted than to expand his mind enough to realize that this is all intentional. Hence, the intense dumbing down of the people for the past 50+ years.

This is part of a multi-generation plan.

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This is part of a multi-generation plan.

That makes it sound codified. Rather than such a rigid roadmap, this extreme narrowing of worldview seems to me to be the distillation of progressive generations of people getting away with shit and continuing to push the envelope. As each generation gets away with more than their predecessors, they just keep going, because - why not? Narcissism is a spectrum, but as the universities consistently tell their graduates, "You are the rulers of tomorrow", they grow up believing this at a profound level. Not representatives, note, rulers. Students graduating elite universities in the west honestly believe it is their responsibility to enforce their power over others, because that is the message they have been explicitly sent (listen to any of the graduation speeches given by the elite "guests" for decades). The scale of the power they work to exercise just keeps ramping up because nobody ever tells them otherwise. I hope I am not being naively optimistic that the process of those of us outside of their bubble finally beginning to say "NO!" is accelerating. They can only lead where they can gaslight people into following. Destroying people's children is waking us up. I just hope we're in time that we can save something before the chaos overwhelms everyone, from top to bottom.

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This is a scenario that has played out over and over again throughout history. If it brings any comfort, this is not a struggle the elites can really ever win.

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Overly optimistic. Are you counting the extreme technological advance these guys have on the general population? What about their "secret" armies of millions of gene-edited, brainwashed, mind-controlled zombie super-soldiers? Their fully optical power and computation systems, meaning they can EMP the hell out of everything electrical and electronic worldwide and remain unaffected...

There are so many things to consider. And when you add it all up, mankind is royally screwed. Until the Sun has its recurring micro-nova. Then, the game of life resets for another 12,000 year long inning.

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I am fairly certain you are overly optimistic.

On the other hand, the upcoming explosion on the Sun is the great 12,000 year cycle equalizer. Or razer more like, since it always eliminates over 99% of lifeforms on this ball of dirt.