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I think Dore's off about this.

They do sensationalize abortion to an absurd amount, but the Democrats don't control SCOTUS, as much as they'd love to politicize it and use is as a second legislature.

That's why they always lie about the conservatives on the court, and claim allowing states to rule on the matter is them "forcing" blue states to do anything. The Dem leadership knows most Democrats are fucking idiots and won't actually research future rulings, much less Roe v Wade itself. A lot of Democrats think Roe legalized abortion in all cases, when it didn't.

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They do sensationalize abortion to an absurd amount, but the Democrats don't control SCOTUS, as much as they'd love to politicize it and use is as a second legislature.

This current fear has been stoked by just a leak. The SCOTUS haven't actually done anything yet.

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SCOTUS doesn't make the laws. They're supposed to interpret/enforce them.

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This guy is a douche, and Dems didn't create the abortion issue, nor is it in a crises or even about to have any significant change. Yet Dems did try to hype it into a crisis, with their desperate need for a pivotal election issue. The last election pivoted around Covid handling, yet we've saw no improvements, or even focus on that, since the election ended; it's gotten much worse and leadership simply is ignoring it.

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Distraction. As intended.

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Dore started by saying Republicans aren't to blame over the abortion issue, but then segues into blaming the Democrats for the economy. That's the exact same thing.... Why do people say this guy is a lib if he's shilling for the right?

And he points out the empty Democrat promises like the GOP ain't chock full of those too. Trump didn't give us health care or lower medicine costs.... How is that a thing to blame on a single party?

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He criticizes Trump for being a populist who didn't follow through on any of the promises that got him elected, and he criticizes the establishment in general for being a one-party oligarchy. I don't think he's shilling for the right at all. In fact, except for free speech and vaccine/mask mandates, I don't know of a single issue on which he agrees with Republicans. But it's true that the vast majority of his criticism targets the American left. I actually just listened to an interview he did with Triggernometry where he explains why; he quotes someone (can't remember the name) who basically says that if you want policy to move left, you have to push Democrats left. Sure you can complain about Republicans opposing progressive initiatives, but everyone already knows about that, and Republicans don't claim any different. The Democrats somehow still have a veneer of progressivism, but by and large they don't back it up. They also do the same things that Republicans get (sometimes rightly) called out for, but few seem to call them on it or even be aware of it. That's why Dore leverages most of his criticism at the left.

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Insightful. Saved.