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Ridiculous, intentionally misusing a product is not the manufacturers fault. That Waukesha guy ran people over with his car and nobody is suing the auto maker. Absurd!

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But actually, the gun makers have been held liable recently.

And similarly, the maker of that assault vehicle should be held liable.

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Yes, and I think there is a never ending list of whataboutism about who can be sued effectively and who cannot.

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There's actually no such thing as neverending in this case because the list of manufacturers is finite.

Moreover, there are no manufacturers exempt or that cannot be sued.

If you manufacture something now, you are liable for every use case conceivable. If they don't like this, don't produce it.

This has already been adjudicated, and it's about time. How many times have I seen assault vehicles and assault drugs like marijuana team up to destroy the lives of entire families wantonly. Restitution is near.

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Alright- if you have this strange response to my agreement to your post - I said:

a never ending list of whataboutism about who can be sued

The 'never ending list' is the application of whataboutism about 'who' can be sued

(One can apply inftinite whataboutist arguments to anyone.)

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There is no such thing as a never ending list in this context. There are a finite number of 'who's' who can be sued..

The words your using don't mean what you think they mean. Unless you're changing the terms of what things mean, I'm cool with this but you should be up front about that.

There may be more than your mind can imagine presently, but that speaks more about limitations of the human mind, or your mind than anything else.

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There are a finite number of 'who's' who can be sued..

I said: "a never ending list of whataboutism"