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Human history is filled with waves of authoritarianism, followed by waves of freedom. On repeat, forever.

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Man I hope so we're certainly due for a wave of freedom

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The Fourth Turning says we're due for full blown communism, and then a wave of freedom.

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You can vote your way into communism but will have to shoot your way out of it provided you can get bullets.

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Because generations of schooling and raising people as robots who obey instructions and never question authority causes them to give their blind support and submission to the elites.

But still, all those Trump signs show what the silent majority really thinks.

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I don't think there is a silent majority. Butt I think what you see from those signs is that to people with traditional values, they'll try to do anything to get things "back to normal", the way the country was for a long time.

But I think it's already gone, Trump didn't destroy America, he just allowed the media to show us what a lot of people already knew.

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people with traditional values, they'll try to do anything to get things "back to normal", the way the country was for a long time.

And therefore most of them have become the very thing they swore to destroy.

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no they havent

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Many have. Even people I know in real life have lost it and are calling for purges of anything remotely associated with liberals, even the victims of liberal appropriation. Many of them now hate America and want to return to monarchy and pre-Enlightenment society. For some reason they've decided that too much freedom is the culprit of liberal craziness and "degeneracy", which is the opposite of their original view. And anyone who holds on to their own old values is now a liberal in their eyes. If you want an example, there are plenty on this site alone.

Most of the others withdrew and became apolitical, and more extreme ones turned to different names such as libertarian. They are no longer accepted by their former allies.

The only people I've seen recently who still talk about "conservatism" are liberals who use it as a dirtyword for anything they don't like, and diehard Trump supporters who don't care about anything but Trump and live in the past, oblivious to this recent development. I don't mean people who like Trump, but the ones who worship Trump like he's the messiah and can do no wrong.

There's still a few stragglers like I was for a while, but I noticed my friends and family members starting to say some really concerning things, and it matches the pattern I've seen online.

Conservatives split off into completely different schools and the term no longer has a solid definition. At this point calling yourself conservative basically just means you're not a liberal, which of course isn't saying much. But what I'm amazed with is how suddenly it happened, and what could've triggered it. My main suspicion is that the George Floyd riots painted a new picture in some peoples' minds of liberals as anarchists rather than big government loving totalitarian commies, causing the more reactionary ones to go the opposite direction.

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Your tin foil hat is likely on too tight

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It's not my tinfoil hat I don't think. Maybe it's just my folks, but it started happening around the same time the media shifted, so I don't think so. The main issues seem to be that this new right is too consumed with hatred and sees this as war where anything is justified, and they have this new obsession with extreme "traditional values" that came out of nowhere. And not American ideals.

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you are describing the left bud

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Indeed I am

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Pretty much. Which is why I made my post. People like him live in an alt reality where they foster the values of the left on to the right.

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If it weren't for the signs I'd never believe there was a silent majority but it's there!

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John Taylor Gatto has a great book on this: "The Underground History of American Education". Read it if you haven't, it explains how it happened.

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Every few months we get a lot of reddiit refugees (redditfugees) but most leave in frustration soon enough. Hang around a few weeks and things will change again.

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Cities turn people into rats in human form, hence all the Democrats.

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There are lots of liberal shit holes. They come to free speech. Let it flow.

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I think you mean 'shit hole". It's "shit hole".

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I lived in Portland from 1992 until 2012, Its been extremely liberal for as long as I can remember, although I was a child in the early 90's.

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But if you knew where to go you could still be safe for the most part just using common sense and enjoy things especially the parks and views which is unusual for an urban area. Not so now. Only Pittsburgh rivals Portland and actually almost looks like Portland except with snow. They even have a lot of neat bridges like Portland!

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Yeah, I'm not sure what happened, I don't remember things being that bad 10 years ago when I was living there. I do miss those parks and just having all the trees around, it is unusual for sure for urban area.

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North Portland north of Powell Books was usually a shit hole if you stayed away from there after dark you were pretty much safe. There was always shootings up that way but it never really spilled beyond that until more recent years. Like any city most severe crime was usually in it's own neighborhoods smart tourists and visitors knew to stay away from so it was no problem for us. Now every part of Portland is practically North Portland on steroids!

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Brainwashing of students through public education and college.