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I wonder what's really going on. Yahoo appears to be either outright lying or maybe they're just doing their normal shitty job.

No one, much less an ivy league law professor, says, "the US is better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration", apropos of nothing.

The article claims Wax made the remarks in this interview, the video which is hosted on Youtube. I downloaded the transcript, but I can't find anything resembling that quote any where in it.

In fact, at this timestamp she actually mocks the idea that people mischaracterize her comments as "Amy Wax hates immigration" in exactly the way that Yahoo is doing.

The transcript might be incomplete, and I haven't watched the entire 1:35 hour long interview, so maybe it's in there somewhere. Keyword searching, I found at this timestamp she sort of talks of what Yahoo references, saying that unchecked Asian immigration would create a new dominant upper class, and that in many ways that would be a good thing, describing Asians as the "new Jews", in a good way.

For most of the interview, Wax talks about all the problems in inconsistencies with woke culture, like how the wokists say the country is an irredeemably racist place, but yet at the same time we have a ton of immigration from non-white countries. My guess is omeone in high places is gunning for Wax, and they've sent out a memo that Wax needs to go and have the media put some heat on her.

It's fascinating to watch the media lie to everyone's faces, and for not a single fucking person to call them out on it.

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Yeah it sounds like she speaks truth but is conservative and this sentence did her in, as quoted in the petition:

But as long as most Asians support Democrats and help to advance their positions, I think the United States is better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration.

So a bit of context ripping. But maybe she's being a huge Zionist by stereotyping Asians, etc., and they are done with it. Maybe she is a racist.

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It's a very specific type of racism though that the left is objecting to. If she had said, "Russians generally tend to support more authoritarian political policies, and gasp didn't even think Russia influenced the 2016 election, so I think the United States is better off with fewer Russians and less Russian immigration", I suspect she would have been celebrated by the rest of her faculty.

The United States is a creed-based country, and yet we don't really screen immigrants for their beliefs. Yet certain ethnicities from certain countries do tend to have beliefs that contradict US law and what little culture we do have. So in that sense, I think she's right. It's not racist to describe a statistical tend that corresponds to race. It's racist to assert that literally every member of a race does something, which she isn't asserting. Obviously, some Asians don't support Democrat policies, but she's only commenting on the effects of immigration.

However, I actually think she's slightly misjudging Asians in that regard. Democrats tend to get more of their vote due to the left's media dominance, not due to Democrat's ideology. Asian immigrants are often well educated and hard workers, and as a result have been some of the hardest hit in Democrat-run cities, even before Covid.

I was living in Philadelphia when a racist black council woman spearheaded a law to force the Asian-owned bodegas in the city to remove all their bullet proof glass from around the cash registers, because it made her constituents feel "un-welcomed." Nevermind that those businesses exist in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods with some of the highest homicide and gun crime rates in the city. I wonder how many of those businesses either closed up because they didn't want to take the risk, or lost an employee to an armed robbery gone bad. And again, that was before Covid and the riots in 2020 and the skyrocketing homicide rate.

If Republicans had a bigger media presence, they could easily win over Democrat-voting Asians, but they really have no access to them. Unless you specifically seek out right-leaning news outlets or pundits, you're unlikely to run into them, especially in a deep blue city. And so Asians largely vote Democrat because, like most immigrants, they initially start in cities and Democrats dominant cities, and so there's no one else to vote for.