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Part 4

When antiwar activists occupied Sanders’ office in 1999 due to his support for the war, he had them arrested. Sanders’ backing for air strikes in Kosovo led one of his advisers, Jeremy Brecher to resign in disgust, writing:

“Is there a moral limit to the military violence you are willing to participate in or support? Where does that limit lie? And when that limit has been reached, what action will you take?”

According to the

In fact, there is no limit to the amount of violence that Bernie Sanders is willing to support.

Three days after the September 11 attacks [an Israeli and 5th column neoconservative false flag], Bernie Sanders showed that even “democratic socialists” could rally behind the flag.

  • He voted in favor of H.R. Res. 64, Authorization for Use of Military Force that provided a blank check to neoconservative lackey President George W. Bush. [...] Less than a month later, the United States launched military actions against Afghanistan...

    [Afghanistan was not on most of the neoconservatives radar, William Kristol in a Harvard conference exclaimed, "who gives a crap about Afghanistan," illustrating that the neoconservatives were after Iraq, Palestine, Iran and Syria, whilst the US military and the UNOCAL company were after Afghanistan in order to erect a pipeline which for years the Taliban disputed.

Only one day after the 9/11 attacks, Fred and Don Kagan called in to give their recommendations of how America should respond. Throughout the conversation they seem completely disinterested in Afghanistan or Bin Laden. Don says "as long as we go after the actual perpetrators our job is going to be next to impossible" and that "Afghanistan is a distraction". Afghanistan is hurriedly brushed aside by both so they can shoehorn in their preferable target for a US military response : Palestine and Iraq.]

...[regarding Afghanistan intervention] which over the course of the last 18 years have led to thousands of deaths and devastated the country. The Global War on Terror marked the beginning of Sanders’ support for the war budget and appropriations to the military in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. and 2008.

When the Bush Administration geared up for the Iraq War in 2003, Sanders did vote against authorizing the use of military force. This is something that Sanders and his supporters point out as reflecting his antiwar record.

However, this is a clever bait and switch.

Just as American troops put their boots on the ground in a war that would kill hundreds of thousands, Sanders voted in favor of a resolution expressing support for the military. While Sanders has verbally opposed the Iraq War as illegal and wrong, this amounts to nothing but hot air since he regularly votes for military funding. If the war is illegal and wrong, then so is voting to fund it.

Clearly, this was a carefully coordinated political tactic, similar to what Tulsi Gabbard did with her 'Stop Arming Terrorists' bill. In the latter case, Gabbard could promote her anti-war stance by presenting legislation which she knew would never pass, whilst at the same time have various military contractors back her and overtly speak in favor of the neoconservatives at various Likudnik backed and pro-Israeli conferences. In Sanders case, his game theory is even more overt. Sanders will continue to use his nay vote against Iraqi intervention' as political leverage. Knowing that his die-hard followers will ignore his past and present record of militarism and war, even votes in favor of policies enacted on Iraq thereafter, thusly maintaining the war effort, Sanders can effectively lie by omission. A progressive in the Woodrow Wilson sense? Yes!

And what about:



Elizebeth Warren

Ocasio-Cortez, by remaining silent on the very real U.S. military build-up and the machinations to topple Maduro, she is thusly complicit in America's exploitive foreign policy agendas. She too, has taken a neutral stance on Israel, possibly because she has marrano Jewish origins and has spoke openly to various pro-Israeli organizations.

In an odd turn of events, Pamela Anderson tweeted in February of 2019:

[Ocasio-Cortez] openly supports US intervention to Venezuela and supports US military and big corporations she claims she’s fighting against…

Hmmmmm — Pamela Anderson


A timely tweet, indeed, but hypocritical, considering the Pamela Anderson Foundation has given millions in aid to pro-Israeli causes, directly bolstering the Likudnik regime. Just another Kabuki theater conundrum. Thanks Pamela and remind Assange why Netanyahu and the Israeli government thanked him for his work or why Iran is listed in Wikileaks more than any other state. Might we be witnessing a massive limited hangout campaign? You be the judge.

And what about Warren, the less progressive option on the left, who like Sanders, supported the corporatist Hilary Clinton.

Well Warren just voted for a defense budget that is higher than the one that Donald Trump requested.

This bill authorizes $700 billion in defense funds. This includes $640 billion for the Pentagon and an additional $60 billion for military operations in countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This bill increased military spending by $80 billion, which far surpasses the increase requested by America First President Trump ($54 billion). There were 8 no votes (against 89 yes votes) and three abstentions, but Warren was not one of them. The defense policy bill (National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA) has passed 56 years in a row and inclides the repealment of the Smith-Mundt Modernization act of 1948, replacinf it with thr Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, thusly legally permitting domestic propaganda and psychological operations.

The article on continues:

Therefore, ratifying a bill that takes more taxes from workers and funnels it into foreign wars, leading to more deaths of innocent people, sponsors Israel’s war against the Palestinians ($705 million), and invests additional hundreds of millions in anti-Russian military build-up in Ukraine and the Baltic ($600 million).


We touched on Sander's views on Israel in the preceding paragraphs of which we will now go into more detail. It is clear to anyone with eyes to see that Sanders is a liberal left-leaning Zionist, akin to the Labor Zionists who oppose the right-wing Likudnik Zionists on certain domestic and social issues. The securization of Israel and the whitewashing of its crimes abroad -- both sides-- one overt, the other covert sit among themselves downing Tabbouleh maintaining the status quo both in Israel and in America.

Sanders, unlike Bush Sr. opposed a one state solution. Ultimately, Sanders views are in support of the Apartheid regime.

According to, Sanders:

...despite offering some criticism of Israel, he was more concerned with Palestinian responsibility for the ensuing violence than anything else. He also emphasized his support for Israel: “You need to protect the state of Israel. That’s clearly and absolutely right.”

According to Doug Enaa Greene, an independent historian:

[Sanders] was not just in terms of words, but by votes to provide billions in military hardware and aid to the Apartheid state in 1997, 1999, 2004. When Hamas won the Palestinian elections in 2006, Sanders voted in favor of imposing sanctions in order to remove them from power. He has also voted for resolutions in favor of Israeli military actions against Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2014. At a town hall meeting on Gaza, Sanders was heckled for defending the Israeli actions, telling the audience to “shut up.”

It is true that Sanders has expressed opposition to the government of Benjamin Netanyahu and even refused to attend a speech by the Israeli Prime Minister in 2015, this remains empty symbolism. He has said that the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement to end the occupation of the Palestinian territories is motivated in part by anti-Semitism.

He supported Obama’s military actions against Libya, sanctions against Russia, providing a billion dollars in aid to the far right Ukrainian government in 2014, and supported arming the Saudi Arabian monarchy to fight ISIS.

Nothing in Sanders’ runs for President in 2016 or 2020 indicates any change in his support for American imperialism. He has refused to end the drone program.