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He is an exceptional political activist and person, with a very clear, consistent message since the early 1960s about the importance of challenging the 1% on the behalf of the needs of the 99%. He been one of the few politicians to consistently work for the 99% and to address the problems of class warfare. Sadly, he's not appropriately strategic and has thus limited his political capabilities. He's not networked appropriately, and his activisim has extended to unworkable options, like cancelling student debt, approaches to 'socialist' reforms, remaining an independent, anti-NRA approaches, banking reform, opposition to the military industrial complex, to the Patriot Act, and reducing trade with China. All of these would be wonderful to address, but he should know how to work in increments toward those goals, rather than assume that there is sufficient political support for them. Nor has he had the necessary network of support. Politicians have to work with much greater complexity, rather than assume that a socialist revolution is possible on the Hill. He is however one of the best political activists for the 99%.

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    Come on Jas, no name calling. I argued against your bans too, it doesn't always work against you.

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    I'm not name-calling. He is a shill. There is no other word for it. Don't try to censor useful words.

    But feel free to chastise me on my hostile tone as potentially downward against an advocate of industrial systemic evil. I'll feel free to show you and abundance of examples of much worse social activity, including from you, and I'll point you to the Democrat and Big Pharma corporatocracy /s/VaccineInjuries that he supports.

    /u/socks is complicit to MASS MURDER and supporting authoritarian eugenics via shilling misinformation.

    May socks endure a slow painful death from vaccines - or better, wake the fuck up to the evils of his currently beloved authoritarianism.

    Also, go fuck yourself for defending him. You seriously need to wise up too.

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    /u/socks is complicit to MASS MURDER and supporting authoritarian eugenics via shilling misinformation.

    I never cared much for socks, but now you are making me like him.

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    I should be grateful that you've been a dick?
    Are you now calling me names?
    What is your meaning?

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    I think the name calling was pretty facetious and shouldn't be taken too seriously, though I I can understand your upset since socks is obviously shill material.

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    True thanks for the support. Shame this is even an issue.

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    May socks endure a slow painful death

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    Suck on your death vaccine socks.