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A couple more of these cycles and we'll have new authoritarian or totalitarian governments!

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The diseased jackasses have become more emboldened to double down on their tyranny. It is a good thing they keep dropping like flies after a case of the "died suddenlies"

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So Clintoncide is a form of COVID?

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It’s important to keep in mind that they MADE this. It’s a man made virus.

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We are pretty much back to normal in my neck of the woods but then we are a deep red state.

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I'm unlucky enough to have very liberal parents living in a deep red state. So they're surrounded by evidence of how not having draconian Covid policies is just fine, yet they still believe all the bullshit in the news about the need to have draconian Covid policies.

But they're not brainwashed. No sirree. They make sure to get their news from multiple sources like NBC and MSNBC and CNN...

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And they vote wrong. Thank God for the mosquitoes, pollen, and humidity. This runs a lot of them off after the first Spring and Summer.

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I like

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It is a political weapon and you dumbasses are falling for it hook and line and stinker good riddance

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I hope you enjoy your flu shot

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I think you misinterpreted that. /u/wonderwoman is very much against the forced vaccination. It is one of the very few things I am aware of that we agree on.

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i dont need anyone dictating to me anything.. dont dictate to me what my religion should or should not be.. do not require me to take medicine... dont tell me that i cant smoke weed..

i never do hard drugs, tho i did smoke crack one time 34 years ago and i did also inject meth five or six times in a couple months during the same time period about 34 years ago..

i never ever touched those hard drugs again, thank god, because they will turn a person's life upside down.

now, if i wanted to smoke crack or to shoot meth, i really dont want my government to tell me that i cant.

that is my decision..

we have far too many victim-less crimes...

if i hit you with a stick or stab you with a knife, then i have committed a crime against another person..

but if i should for some reason want to take an oven cleaner enema, isnt that my business, and why would that bother anyone else?


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But doesn't the meme imply we're not falling for it?

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covid is bullshit meant to lockdown the world, and it seems to be working.

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Go buy toilet papers

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hey, listen up fruitcake muslim.. once you insult me and call me an infidel... you can take your religion and shove it up your mother's ass.

fuck you.

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Covid is a political weapon or the meme is a political weapon?

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covid was simply a prop, a bit like a comedian or an actor might use puppets or whatever as props... it was a prop that was used to explain to everyone that we want you to quit your jobs and go home and hide from the world.

covid is a scam.

i am not saying that people arent dying from this flu... but dont people die every year from the flu anyways?

think about it.

i go to a chinese buffet and sit and eat with no mask on and i dont see everyone getting infected with an airborne virus?

i was attending a twelve step meeting(until they threw me out) and there were average fifty people sitting in a small room next to each other and coughing and whatever and nobody was getting sick.

i am actually not so sure that they arent actually killing people and blaming it on this fake virus.

bill gates loves the vaccination business for some reason and this is very creepy to me.

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Covid going to be here until your grandchildren are dead

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News: "There are surging cases!"

Public: "But how's it effecting patients? Are they dying or anything?"

News: "Cases are surging! We need to lockdown now!"

Public: "Right, but before we do that, and destroy the economy and destroy people's lives again, shouldn't we-"