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Seems like shooting the messenger. Wouldn't it be the DA who decided to prosecute?

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Kind of, but the prosecution has already broken a few rules to the point where it's obvious they don't want a free trial. The DA should definitely go, tho.

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Agreed. Some pretty shady conduct all right.

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Prosecutor is a jew so he should automatically be disbarred in this country.

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I wouldn't fill that petition. If he gets disbarred, the trial may go to mistrial with a lefty zealot judge. I like this judge, and I like that the case seems to be headed towards unanimous acquittal, provided the jurors aren't bought and paid for.

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Umm horrux? We're not talking about removing the judge. We're talking about removing the prosecuting attorney who once again tried to put video games on trial.

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Umm and? If you disbar the prosecuting attorney, then that could be construed as grounds to call a mistrial. I don't think there's any guarantee that the same judge would rule over a putative next trial with a different prosecutor.

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I think it's mistrial with prejudice

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Yeah but there is a mistrial call that means he can't be retried.

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Oh really? Damn, that's one difference, I think here in Canada it's just - let's try this again...

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We don't have that. If the crown gets disbarred then the case could be lost. The states have mistrial with prejudice meaning he will never be tried again. Remember in Canada we don't even have castle doctrine. Someone breaks into our homes we better hope the cops come quickly or we're screwed.

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So you have to have a gun pointed at you inside your own home before it's considered legitimate defense? That is plain nuts.

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Even then if you defend yourself you could run the risk of charges. Read my newer post. Yeah I am completely aware we're idiots.

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Not you and I I mean our leaders.

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Of course.

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Something like that. If someone comes into our personal space house, apartment, place of work, aura(I.e our physical space) and we cause harm to them protecting ourselves we could be spending years clearing our names. Case in point. I once made an error of trusting my security to my buzzer. Meaning I left my front door unlocked. I figured I had nothing to worry about my neighbors were nice. One day I look over and there's this thick brown skinned man standing just on the mat coming into my living room. He mumbles Something about washroom. I tell him I don't give a flying fuck what you want get the hell out of my apartment or I'm calling the cops. If he had chosen to attack or menace me and I took a knife to defend myself and my home I could be looking at criminal charges. So yeah of all the things little potato could do this is one.

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Technically it's dismissal with prejudice and it is perfectly valid.

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That is silly. However if you want to start a fund to prosecute Grosskreutz I'm down for that.

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It's silly on purpose, but I do like your idea of prosecuting Grosskreutz.

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I'm Canadian so obviously yours is better and than ours when it comes to freedom. But why is there so many words in that amendment?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

Seems that the first part of the sentence can be used to justify infringing the the latter part. What type of regulation did the founding fathers had in mind?

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We are here to help the Canadians, because inside every canuck there is an American trying to get out. It's a hardball world, son. We've just got to keep our heads until this covid craze blows over. - Full Metal Jacket (sort of)

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English was way different back then than it is now. Translated into plain, contemporary English:

Since having well armed militias are necessary to keep everyone safe, the right of the people to own and use weapons shall not be infringed

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i would if internet petitions meant anything. id be more in line with checking the box,'possibly incompetent, OBVIOUSLY just wasting time with bullshit, fucking around/asking the same thing for 20 minute stretches' box.

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True. I just thought it would be funny to copy the Second Amendment into it.

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Disbar that corrupt AF judge.

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    The Christian-democratic political party will only bleed votes from legitimate Democratic party candidates, as well as a few Republican candidates, and this party will not support you, specifically, nor will Republicans, nor will Libertarians (who are closet Republicans). Only the Democratic party, and perhaps the Green party, addresses inclusivity and marginalized groups. The others will not trust you.

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    "Sign the petition", lol, it take more than an online petition to get a lawyer disbarred.



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    nobody cares about this tbh, kill a bunch of retards you stay anonymous. It's not even a case, it's open and shut. All the more reason for anonymity

    Oh but im a patriot that doesnt care to hide my fae, see how far that gets you retard.

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    Even if its pointless I still signed you have at least one Canadian's support. Stay strong with castle doctrine Canada doesn't have it.

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    Thanks! In Arkansas, we have stand your ground, which means self-defense is legal no matter what.

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    you're lucky you're damn lucky. in Canada like I told horrux we would possibly be under years of appeals and that's if we're lucky. I think I told this story already but I'll tell it again because I did leave a crucial component out that may not have been realized upon first writing. I live in an apartment and I once albeit stupidly left my security to that of my buzzer. I.E I did yes used to leave my front door unlocked(suite door). One day a few years ago this thick average looking brown skinned dude with limited grasp of English walked in to my door mumbling something about the washroom. I couldn't quite hear the first time so I asked him to repeat. He repeated again just as mumbled as before and I said I don't care what you fucking want you have 5 minutes(Seconds really) to get the fuck out of this apartment or I'm calling the police. He fled. But if he had decided not to heed my warning and make a motion to intimidate or harm me and I ran and picked up a kitchen knife and I stabbed him, or a rolling pin and whack him I could be looking at YEARS on the stand clearing my name and who knows if I ever would. hug Castle/Stand your ground like it's your child because went you don't have it it's the worse feeling in the world. Now to anyone that's reading this and reading my other response the other response is still valid I just forgot to put in where I'm living.

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    That's crazy... sounds like he was on drugs. A crack-head kicked down my dad's door once. I heard about how bad Canada is getting, and the UK's a woke dystopia at this point, where the thought police throw you in prison for making jokes they consider racist. I'd probably already be a political prisoner if I lived there for calling out BLM rioters.

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    With regards to the brown skinned man yes he could have been on drugs but there is an argument to be made for him being an immigrant and not speaking good English. He didn't kick the door just opened.

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    Forgot to add so would I. Hell if my country knew I was calling out the transgender stuff I could be in prison.

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    Yeah, some Canadian guy got put in solitary confinement for misgendering someone. I wrote about it here.

    I'm transgender, and I bet they'd even lock me up for being against giving SRS to literal children (which the Democrats tried to do here in Arkansas).

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    You seem to be one of the rare ones. A human who just wants to live and let live.

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    Forgot to mention my apartment is a 40 year old building

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    Forgot to add so would I. Hell if my country knew I was calling out the transgender stuff I could be in prison.

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    Since day 1 of this case I was convinced I'm watching the last 20 minutes or so of Sleepers play out in real time.

    Nobody chosen by the state to prosecute this case is this inept. We have a guy going out of his way to take a loss bc they see the same obvious innocence that we all see.

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    lmao imagine petitioning or coercing a jury by violence and sill having a huge sentence. Imagine giving a cop a life sentence for restraining a shitty drug addict in some super favorable way otherwise he strangled him to death.

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    So this cop chavon kneeled on a guy waiting for medic and he gets life sentence? You realize the dude make 17 bucks an hour right? Imagine being on a job that you have zero training for and being the guy to take the fall for a life sentence, that why people aren't taking jobs.

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    17 shootings happened in chicago tonight.

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    But I'll bet they weren't right-wing do-gooders against raging Antifa commies, right? Not newsworthy then.