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An exceedingly stupid post. Writing this just proves that you are one of the dumbest people on earth.

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Typical low effort ADL projection post.

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Okay Rabbi.

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You forgot to ask him what he's doing.



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Ah another example of the neverending victim complex of the lying jew.

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Perhaps it was in response to the threads he read here or elsewhere filled with whites playing the victim?



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Don't you have some baby dicks to go suck, you fucking weirdo? He's a satire account playing the role of a worthless jew.

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Don't you have some baby dicks to go suck

Jesus! lol, why is that on your mind? You're projecting, calling someone a weirdo when you have that nasty stuff running around in your mind.



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Your people are the ones that made it part of your disgusting religion.


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No, she is clearly a satire account playing the part of an old school black lesbian separatist.

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Well-put. Few users on Saidit are as hateful Rob. Dude has issues.

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Look at you with your little "Democratic party" flair lol. Look at what those poor victims have done to the entire world in just the last 2 years.

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Grow up, Rob. (And See how much the GOP have fleeced the US for so much over the ast 40 years. Stop supporting those crooks. They've manipulated weak people like you into thinking about racist nonsense, while taking much the previous 27 trillion deficit for their tax breaks &c. You're paying for those crooks. Wake up.)

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I don't support them, Socks. They're just the lesser of the two evils at the moment. Only a moron would support the Democrats when their own actions say the complete opposite of what a democracy is. Now go get your booster shot, you little compliant pussy.

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You obviously support the GOP, and you speak like the whiny, angry children that their supporters are. Your anger is obviously fear. And if you don't vote, your're still supporting them. And don't even suggest that you know what a democracy is or that you know anything.

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I know in a democracy they don't threaten people to take experimental drugs or lose their rights, jobs, etc. I know in a democracy they don't cancel people who have different opinions of the bullshit narrative. I know in a democracy the president doesn't give speeches on a movie set designed to look like the White House. I could keep going but you actually support those things so...

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Oh shut up. Each comment is dumber than the previous one. No offence, but it's like you're not even trying to make sense. I don't have time for this.

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Tell me what part you didn't understand and I'll dumb it down for you, dipshit.

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To be fair to OP I have seen at least half of those things seriously argued on saidit.

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Could you point them out?

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Jews are landlords, rent is expensive so not being able to keep a balance in my account is Jews fault.

Jews own porn sites, I made myself coombrained with erectile disfunction so me being an incel is Jews fault.

Jews own pharmaceutical companies, these poison people so me being morbidly obese is Jews fault.

To be fair there's quite a lot OP has missed out.

Trans people, feminism, Muslims, China, BLM, Reddit, low birth rates, covid, Trump, Biden, IBS, etc, etc

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Literally no one makes this arguments as a way to avoid taking responsibility for their own lives. Stop being a lying kike.

The reality is that jews do in fact dominate the positions you listed and do in fact use predatory and harmful methods that destroy communities and ruin lives. You're trying to make valid points look stupid by attacking the people making them as morally flawed, like some SJW retard.

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One person in every 50 being obese is a sign of individual failure, when 2/3rds of a country is obese and jews run all of the marketing companies whilst having all those calorie-dense foods kosher certified there's something else going on.

Especially suspicious when they also dominate the pharmaceutical industry and insurance. It's almost as if the whole thing is a racket to make people perpetually unhealthy to squeeze money out of them.

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"No one makes the argument that way so you are lying ... also you are right."

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All of those are caricatures of arguments and not the real arguments. These are all in essence strawman arguments. One can literally do that with any argument ever.

Hur der dey claim jews own central banks, and banks have money, so bankers took all my money her der.

Um, actually the central banks are extremely powerful, make policies that severely impact economies, investments, and personal finances. They print money out of thin air, devaluing all the currency, and do this in such volume that it is shocking the currency hasn't collapsed yet. And all of that is the tip of the iceberg.

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The banks do that with the government's permission and encouragement.

They don't just do it for the lulz.

The people you are voting for create that behaviour.

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The (((banks))) do that with blackmail, manipulation, and collusion with (((operatives))) in government.

If it were anyone else it would never be allowed. For example if conspicuously the majority of power in the banks was in Guatemalan hands, and Guatemalan politicians were pushing through pro banking corruption laws, and the majority owned Guatemalan media was silent when not propagandizimg for this situation people would lose thier shit.

Jews have brainwashed people so thoroughly that the average Joe can be shown this horrendous and blatant corruption, and power capture, and collusion and respond in defense of jews.

The elections are rigged. Biden is an illegitimate president. The democrat party is completely undemocratic, the votes don't count, and they have captured all the institutions that are supposed to secure the integrity of the elections.

Our politicians literally pledge allegiance to Israel in clear exhibitions of thier treasonous intention.

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Where? This is a list of stuff you typed up yourself.

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ego is to blame. we all have one, and we all let it run our lives to a certain degree..

if we didn't .. we'd be a Christ .. an Awakened One

that is literally what waking up means, to know you are not your ego

jews have literally sided with the ego, religiously.. and that is disgusting

christians and muslims are no better, none address the ego problem directly, but skirt the issue (pointing at it indirectly)

jews are the most direct representation of the ego, and its worst attributes.. because their religion facilitates its members to lie to those outside their religion... and the talmud claims lying is sanctioned by their (little) god.

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Islam also allows Muslims to lie outside their religion.

It's called taqiya.

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Wut, lying is forbidden in Islam last I heard. Stop reading talmud rabbi

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That's why they are such valuable members of the community in every western country they move to.

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airbus is lying when he says that lying to nonmuslims is not allowed.

i believe the term, spelled in english is taqiyya.

just understand that airbus320 can get caught with his hand in the cookie jar and he wil still lie to you.

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Okay kapo, anything else.

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Why is it that you have to make this post with childish insults, removed from any real conversation about Jewish treachery?

It is because every single post about how awful jews are can be supported by the OP. You can't show any of them to be unreasonable so instead you make the blanket statement that they are all unreasonable. Pathetic and stupid.

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In the meantime: it's the jews' fault.

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I think there's a massive attempt to cover up the historical Jesus and Christianity because it's a threat to the elites and social order. The Jews reject Jesus, the Christians reject the real Jesus and subsititue him with a fake one (right now he seems to be a politician). And removing Jewish culture from the New Testament makes a lot of its metaphors and symbolism and assumptions completely meaningless and easy to twist any way the church wants.

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I think there's a massive attempt to cover up the historical Jesus

no there isnt. most non christians even think someone who never existed actually existed.

Christianity because it's a threat to the elites and social order.

i know where youre getting with this, but its laughable.

And removing Jewish culture from the New Testament makes a lot of its metaphors and symbolism and assumptions completely meaningless

youre referencing a nonsense fairy tale book. youll get more out of 'lord of the rings' or 'watchmen' than that stupid book.

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If he didn't exist, then why was there no doubt among the people who lived in his time?

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how do you know what they thought

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Their writings. His opponents denounced him, but there was no doubt that he existed.

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none exist from that time

gnostics doubted he existed tho

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The earliest accounts of Jesus depict him as a real person. Even Q contains details about his life, such as his baptism and where he lived.

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q didn't exist, it's all based on mark, but written around 130. Can't use that to say people didn't doubt he existed, how would they not doubt something they had no evidence of? Maybe they just had faith which is a mental illness.

Someone named Jesus probably did exist, but there were a lot of messiah claimants and healers back then, and Yeshua was a common name.

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Someone named Jesus probably did exist, but there were a lot of messiah claimants and healers back then, and Yeshua was a common name.

That's all I was trying to convince you of. I believe in most of the rest too, but that is unrelated to whether or not he existed.

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yeah just can't go around being so sure if you agree with the word probably there too tho, that implies doubt.

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but there was no doubt that he existed.

there is no doubt he DIDNT exist. we can trade links or whatever, but anyone who thinks jesus existed cant deal with the reality of it. if you really want to do this, we can.

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Why is it so hard to believe that a person existed 2000 years ago?

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Why is it so hard to believe that a person existed 2000 years ago?

because the person in question has had millions of tards do weird things in his name and he obviously never existed to begin with. show me something.

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Lots of people lived whom we have no record of.

[–]mahavishnunj 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Lots of people lived whom we have no record of.

case closed! lol

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If he didn't exist, then why was there no doubt among the people who lived in his time?

have you actually looked up any of this?

rhetorical question obviously.

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Yes. If he didn't exist, don't you think the Romans and Jews who hated him would bring that up?

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if you would like to show even flakey as fuck evidence this dude existed, i will show you how he didnt. then you will not be able to respond to it, like nobody else ever has. ive done this for years, not one person can deal with it. if you can, lets hear it. i will gladly admit im wrong.

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Abscence of evidence is not evidence of abscence. There's no evidence of almost everyone from ancient times.

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There's no evidence of almost everyone from ancient times.

not true at all, unless youre still talking about big J.

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The only people we have evidence of are major figures. Not the average Joe, which Jesus likely was during his lifetime.

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The only people we have evidence of are major figures. Not the average Joe, which Jesus likely was during his lifetime.

so jesus wasnt a major figure? there is plenty of evidence of real people way before him. there is no real evidence of big J aside from the bible, which...we know what that means.

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the vatican does have their secret archive, why not let it be open to public

israel is in charge of the dead sea scrolls, why were they covering it up for years, has it all been released?

Could be evidence of historical jesus, more likely evidence of him not existing and other embarassing religious facts. Who knows thouigh. Can't say these sources of info are totally forthcoming.

The gospels are our only source, they say he commited magical miracles which is obviously impossible so they must be discounted on that alone.

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the vatican does have their secret archive

this actually is real

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did you just find that out?

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i was just pointing out that maybe 1 out of 25 of your idiotic posts lead to real shit.

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maybe rethink that, consider I might be right about everything else

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maybe rethink that, consider I might be right about everything else

1 out of 20?

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Yeah they seem to live rent-free in lots of people's heads

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It's because they occupy the highest rungs of every civilisation and use that power to hurt goyim, specifically Europeans who they have an ethnic grudge against going back 2000 years. Jews are the number one greatest threat to Europeans so it's not surprising at all that people talk about them and their actions.

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The Jews occupy the highest rungs in China? Really?

[–]neomarxist_bullshit 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Why do you blame an entire race though?

What does a rich Jewish leftist have in common with a regular person of Jewish descent with no power whatsoever?

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Cut it out, Sol!

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Seriously, I stubbed my toe, it's the Jews' fault.

I agree.

I can't keep a minimum balance in my checking account, it's the Jews' fault.

lol, that's another funny one because that's how people act.

I have no job skills, it's the Jews' fault.

lol, yes, Jews stopped them from getting job skills.

I'm morbidly obese, it's the Jews' fault.

Jews own businesses that sell junk food so obviously it's the Jews' fault they're obese. lol.

There isn't a single failing in life these people don't blame on the Jews. Losers.

You don't see successful whites trashing Jews.



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I disagree, a lot of antisemitism among rich and successful people in the past.

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Shalom aleichem

[–]Feldheld 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Yup, and unfortunately they infest every free speech site in an instant. Theyre not just idiots, theyre like pedophiles. Like pedos they got this weird perverted obsession they think everybody else must secretly susceptible to.

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Mp-40. Germans invented and applied this very successfully in killing jews even before Auschwitz was a point.

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So I have nothing against Jews, but I do think it's interesting that jews are the only people i know of to become refugees yet manage to become wealthier than the native people.

Either there's a lot we don't know or jews are seriously some badasses.

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So you don't know Asians or Africans exist?

[–]Gaslov 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

Neither of these groups are, in general, wealthier than white Americans.

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u/jet199 is a hasidic jew

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They are jealous of Jewish success with their stupid conspiracies.

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So, the Jews do run the banks and Hollywood and the country.

They are deceptive. Ruthless. And cunts.